My Love for Amigurumi

Day 6 of my 30-day Blogging Challenge.  Today, I tried to find inspiration for a post by sorting out my picture folder.  True enough, I found these pictures: I must have planned to create a post about this project, but never did. LOL! This crochet doll is called amigurumi, which literally means crochet stuffed dolls.  I love doing amigurumi because it’s cute and you can finish a project in one sitting.  Of course the more elaborated ones takes longer.  I constantly pin pictures of them in my Pinterest hoping I can try to do it in the future.  I remember when I was just starting out, my daughter asked me to make her the Disney princess set, but I think I only manage to do Cinderella and Snow White. K did try learning to crochet a few years back, but it was hard for me to teach her because I’m left-handed and she’s right handed.  I can’t properly show it to her… I think I should start looking into how I can teach her later.  This might be a good time for her to learn how to make her own dolls.  Or should we make flush dolls instead?