Homeschooling: Our Journey Begins

I’ve learned about homeschooling back in 2009. I just gave birth to T, and K just turned two. I was very active with my blogging back then and found several mom blogs that talks about it. Out of curiosity, I did some research about it and tried to see if such exist here in the Philippines. 9 years later and 6 years of traditional school, we decided to give it a try. Why we decided to homeschool our sixth grader.

What Should We Do This Summer?

Finding summer activities for the kids is something I always do around early March. Taking notes of some of the kids’ interests, I would read through several blog posts on available workshops and classes and see if there’s anything they can join in. But most of the time, we never really got around to join any of this activities. Instead, we design our own classes and try out different things our way.

Starting Over

Yes, I’m finally starting over with this blog. It was fun reading all my old posts, mostly re-uploaded from my other old blogs, but it’ time to let them go. I’ve sent way to long adding old post, that I never got around to write new one… Well, it’ll all change now. Let’s start!