Mother's Day Post

A Mother’s Day Reflection: Things My Kids Taught Me

Mother's Day PostWhat did you got for Mother’s Day? Me? I got a rose, a hundred kisses, and a sleep all you can pass. It was the most uneventful Mother’s Day I had, but it was great to see how everyone trying to get by without calling out for mommy’s help. If it’s an ordinary day, they would have probably called out every hour for this and that, but seeing that I slept through the day only means that my 3 kids (Hubby included) manage to get along fine for an entire day.

Six years…it feels like forever. Up until now, I think I have had my best and worst moment. I know, I should wait till they become teenagers before I say anything. But even so, the lessons I’ve learn from those kids are just priceless and thanks to them, I think I’ve become a better person.  Let me share some of the things my kids taught me.

Because of them,

I learned to be patient. I’m not big with being patient especially with people and my bad temper always gets the best of me. But then, I became a mom. Suddenly, I have to pack as much patience that I can find, so I can match my babies’ pace.

PikoI learned to appreciate the simple things in life. It might be cliché, but motherhood really does make you see and enjoy the little things that you’ve longed forgotten. Lately, I keep remembering things that I used to enjoy when I was a kid – watching the stars, running on the grass, finger painting, and even just singing on a rainy day.

I learned to be more forgiving. In the adult world, forgiveness is not easy do. When people fight for the smallest reasons, pride and hatred often takes over and blow things out of proportion. But for kids, a simple sorry is all it takes – it’s literally forgive and forget. Even when you make the same mistake twice or thrice, they won’t drag out the past and slap it in your face. Sure. they’ll be a little mad, maybe stop talking to you for a while, but after a minute or two, they’ll be back by your side asking you to play with them.

Motherhood teaches as to be more patientI came to accept that it’s okay that I’m not a supermom. Once upon a time, I wished that I’m a supermom — that mom that still looks cool carrying a baby in one hand, holding a toddle in another while doing grocery shopping; or that mom that doesn’t lose her cool even when her 3 years old boy is throwing a tantrum in the middle of a recital; or that mom that can keep her house sparkling clean despite 2 toddlers, a full-time job, and no nanny. Unfortunately, I’m none of them and will never will. But that’s okay. Just like the Little Guy’s favorite phrase, “It’s okay mommy. You can always try to do better next time!”

There’s still a lot of lessons to learn from my kids and I’m sure it’ll get tougher when we hit puberty and teenage life. Right now, I’m just enjoying the moments as they come and hope that I’ll still be smiling 10, 20, 30 years from now.

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