Jellies Exhibit at Manila Ocean Park

A Trip (or Two) to Manila Ocean Park

It seems that Manila Ocean Park is a big hit for school trip this year.  Both my kids school went there last month and since I joined both trips.  I got to go twice. Lucky Mommy!” according to my kids.

Honestly, Ocean Park is really close to our house (about 20 minutes away, give or take), but we never once been there since it opened in 2008.  Why?  Well it was expensive back then, plus I think a a baby and a toddler wouldn’t be that interested (a.k.a. Mommy and Daddy will be too busy with the baby to have fun).  Now a days, the park offers reasonable packages for visitors so a lot of schools are able to make their way there.

So where did we go?  For the Little Guy’s trip, we had the Deep Sea Rush package which includes a trip to the Oceanarium, Birds of Prey, Sea Lion Show, Musical Fountain Show, and the Jellies Exhibit.  In the Princess’ case, we went to the newly added attraction, Seri Fantasy World.  Here’s a few highlights from each the trips.


Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium

Home to about 5,000 marine creature from 250 species and all indigenous to the Philippines and SEA, the Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium is consist of 7 sections, which starts with the rainforest motif featuring fresh water fishes.  As you walk through the Oceanarium, you’ll get a sense of going deeper and deeper into the ocean.

The Little Guy’s thoughts: the tunnel’s too dark and the sharks are scary.

The one good thing that kept him busy was taking pictures of the fishes, so he can show it to his big sister.  He did like the activity center at the end of the tour where there are fish tables and books to read.  So nerdy!

Jellies Exhibit

Jellies Exhibit

Well, it’s a jellyfish exhibit and lots of them.  The Little Guy was more fascinated by this exhibit compare to the Oceanarium probably because of Spongebob who loves jellyfish.

The Little Guy’s thoughts: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, don’t forget there’s purple too!

Birds of Prey Kingdom

Manila Ocean Park Birds of Prey

One of the recently added attraction to the park. This part of the park features a close encounter with the Lawin (as we locally called them) or the Brahminy Kites (Haliastur indus). They were not joking when they say close encounter. The birds literally fly really close to your head that you can feel your hair get blown by their wings.

The Little Guy’s thoughts: It’s awesome mommy!

Well, it was nice if you look up, but when you look down below the deck, you can see all the plastics and debris gathered by the shore. They are really trying to help clean up the bay, but I guess there’s just way too many pollutions in the water.

Sea Lion Show

Manila Ocean Park | Sea Lion Show

There’s just too cute and funny. And the Little Guy couldn’t agree more.

Musical Fountain Show

Musical Fountain Show

A deserving finale to our trip. The Little Guy was already half-asleep when we went in the venue, but when the show started, the Little Guy is in awe at just about everything…and yes, mommy, too.

Seri Fantasy World

When the Princess went to Ocean Park, we kind of thought that we’ll be going to the usual places — everything we’ve shown above. But apparently, there’s an area in the park that has nothing to do with marine creatures and more about 3-D technologies – Seri Fantasy World or Seriland in short. It was a fun experience for us. Ki loves this kind of places. I did wish that it was just the two of us because it was really hard to get a decent picture with 50 first graders running everywhere.It’s especially challenging to take a picture at the Trick Museum.

Seriland Trick Museum
Now, the only thing left is to get the Hubby there for some food trip. I saw a great selection of food I want to try out. Should I get us a room at H2O?! I wish!

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