Modern Abakada


The Princess and I were doing alphabet sign language last night. Her daddy taught her a couple of days ago, but she forgot some of them so she’s asking mommy to help her.

I swear I was good at this, but when I reached F-G-H, I can’t seem to remember which is which.  For my memories benefit and in case she ask me again,  I look it up online and got this image from ASL University Website for reference in the future.

Anyway, since my memory failed me, I decided to teach her ABAKADA (the old version), instead. This was the alphabet taught in school back when I was very young. It was revised in the late 70s and the new version was taught in schools during the 80’s, I think.

Old Abakada

If you want to hear the sounds, you can go here.

As I sing the sound, the Princess was laughing and laughing. She said my pronunciations were’s only been a month of school and she’s a smartass already.

Then, I remember about the modern version…it’s a lot easier to teach her that because the sounds are the same as ABC except for the addition of the letters Ñ and NG.

Modern Abakada

So I started singing and the Princess sing a long…but when I got to the Ñ-NG part, she blurted out, “MOMMY! You’re wrong…it’s L-M-N-O-P!”

I told her I was singing the Pilipino version, but she insist, “It’s L-M-N-O-P!”

Okay, I guess she’s still not ready to learn our alphabet…

Up until now, I”m still thinking why it never occur to me to teach her our native alphabet before the English version…hmmm? I wonder if she’ll have both Filipino and English subject when she starts nursery this June.

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