Alive and Kicking (Really Hard) This 2016

WOOAAHHHH!  Another year has passed and here I am still trying to revive this blog.  (Notice the new theme? Probably not! LOL!) It may be weird to talk about our new life since it’s not so new any more but here goes some update –

Last time I was here, I talked about our recent move to the suburbs and well, we are still doing great and loving it here.  The kids adjusted well in their new school, Hubby has also adjusted well with his work schedule while I’m now addicted to gardening.

I think 2015 was our most memorable year-to-date.  It’s our year of new beginning, starting over and facing new challenges.

Let’s start with the kids

Finding a new school for the kids is the first order of business as soon as we move into our new house.  Hubby and I already talked and decided that we’re going to try the public school.  From first-hand experience (Hubby’s), public elementary schools in Cavite are quite good and often times better than its private counterparts.  Well, that is if your kids made it to the top class.  So he had the kids take the exam and they made it to the SSES program of the local public school here.  If you’re not familiar with SSES (Special Science Elementary School), it’s a government program for exceptional elementary students in public school.  It’s much like the science high schools that we know so well.  Getting in was really tough and the exam took almost a whole day to finish.  Hubby and I were pretty sure that the Little Guy would get in (since Grade 1 will be filling in a whole class – 35 students), but in the Princess’ case, we were really nervous as they were only accepting 2 students that year for 3rd graders.  I literally jump for joy when I found out she made it.

Of course, once school started, we learned how hard it was to keep up.  Although the kids came from a private school and I’ve been doing some partial homeschooling, everything was just different to what we’re used to.  According to some of the parents I’ve met in school, the curriculum for the science class is a little different from regular classes.  I think Science, Math and English lessons are more advanced for their class and faster.  Then, add the Little Guy’s asynchronous development and the Princess mild dyslexia (just my own diagnosis) and we have ourselves a crazy day, every day.

Nowadays, our school life is pretty great.  Every one has adjusted well and I no longer have to stay in school to watch over the Little Guy.  The Princess has been as cheerful as ever again and doing her school work on her own.  We only have a few more weeks of school, and then the kids can finally rest and enjoy their well-deserved vacation.

15 years of love

Hubby and I celebrated 15 years of love last year, and it came with our toughest test yet.  Believe me, I thought it’ll be our end, but I’m happy to say that we made it through.  One thing I learned out of it is that MARRAIGE, no matter how long and stable, needs continuous work and constant honest communication.  Often times, good intentions can cause an opposite outcome when wrap with unwarranted assumptions and bad choice of solution.

they only bloom if you work hard on it while learning how to deal with the torns.


Introducing our little garden

Our new house comes with a spacious yard and a front lawn which I turned into a mini-garden.  My mother-in-law helped me clear out the grasses and now, I’m busy with my flowers and vegetable garden.  Here’s a few pics from the garden:

before and after
We started with nothing but grasses. Then my mother-in-law helped me plant some easy to grow flowers which later became like a jungle (because I planted too many). And now, I’ve settled with some gumamelas and roses.
by the patio
Front porch – I start with some sunflowers, vietman roses and cosmos…and again after a few months they all grow way too tall and thick.
Just before the holiday (right after the Sunflower started to die) Hubby help me redo the plants infront of the house. The bare soil that you see in the middle is now covered with "mani-mani", a peanut-like plant that looks really nice once they cover the ground and starts to flower.
Just before the holiday (right after the Sunflower started to die) Hubby help me redo the plants infront of the house. The bare soil that you see in the middle is now covered with “mani-mani”, a peanut-like plant that looks really nice once they cover the ground and starts to flower.

Working on our front lawn (if you can call it a lawn) helped me get to know most of our neighbors.  I’ve been experimenting with a lot of plants (being new and all) and they are so fascinated with how the view of our house keeps changing every few months.

Then there’s the vegetable garden…

vegetable garden

It’s still a work in progress, but we’ve already started getting some veggies since November last year, so not bad for a beginner. 🙂  Don’t be surprised if I start a gardening section in this blog in the near future.

And ofcourse, the pets

Poco, our resident cat is doing great.  He is still trying to escape the house to find a girlfriend but at least he always made it back or one of the neighbors would bring him back.



We also have a new pet, Mimi.  She’s a Shipoo which we adopted from an aquintance, who needed to give away their dogs because of their subdivision policy on having too many dogs.  She’s already 8 months when we took her so it took some time for her to warm up to us.


What’s ahead in 2016?

Overall, life here has been really great last year.  Sure, we did faced some big challenges, but it made us all tougher and more bonded as a family.

We might face the same drama this year, or maybe this is the year of great achievements for us.  But no matter what, we’ll be crying and laughing together as a family and that’s all that matters.  I just hope I can properly write them down here this time around. LOL!

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