Yesterday, I decided to make an inventory of my yarns and unfinished crochet projects.  Looks like I have way too many unfinished projects and not enough yarns (even if I combine matching colors) to start anything that would fit my kids. Well, I could make another hat for them, but I think they already have enough that.

So, I was sorting out the yarns, the Princess asked if I could make a crochet puppet that we can use for our nightly story telling and that gave me some ideas what to do with some of my leftover yarns.

First Amigurumi ProjectI might have been really excited, because in just one sitting I’ve manage to complete this little stuffed doll.  This is my first attempt to do a stuffed doll and definitely my first for something this small, so the details are a bit off.  The doll stuffing was bought in Saizen Galleria in case any of you local mama’s looking for one.

The Princess is really happy with the new doll and decided to commission me into doing a full set of farm animals.  Haha!  What a way to get mommy to keep crocheting.

I did a quick search in Google and found out that there’s a name for this kind of crocheting.  It’s Amigurumi, a Japanese art of crocheting or knitting stuff animals.  Just type the word in Google and you’ll be able to find it’s full description and so many sites where you can get some free and for sale patterns or buy some ready-made dolls.  Every site I go seems to have something cute (if not all) doll that I like to do.  I’m really excited to get started.

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