An Open Letter to My Babies

It’s Valentine and I’m writing love letters to my little angels.


sleeping kiDear Princess Ki,

Hello darling! I know you’re still too young to read and understand what I’m writing here. But someday, I hope you get to read this letter and know how much I love you.

I remember the first time I saw you. You were the most beautiful baby is the world. I never thought I can create such a wonderful life from my body. Daddy and I were happy just the two of us, but then you came, and made us realized what we’re missing.

Darling, I know that having a baby brother was hard on you. Sometimes I see you look at me and baby Toki with a jealous eye. Please don’t be. Mommy loves you just the same. Don’t ever think otherwise. We will still have our story time, song and dance, the cuddling, and mommy-daughter bonding. Remember, I’m always here no matter what.

Darling, I want to thank you for the unconditional love, the hugs, and the kisses. You don’t know how wonderful it feel every time I hear you say “That’s my mommy,” with pride in your voice and sparkles in your eyes. I hope someday when you’re older, you can still proudly say it.

I love you, darling!


baby boyDear Tok,

You’re just 3 months old, but the happiness you brought us was just immeasurable.

When you were still inside me, I worried that I won’t be able to give you the love I gave your sister. But then you came and prove me wrong. You made me realized how much love I had in me.

Honey, are you sad for being the second child? Please don’t…it doesn’t matter what order you, your sister, and future siblings joined us. Daddy and I will love you all with all our hearts.

My little man, thank you for making me a mom a second time. You’ve been a wonderful baby and I couldn’t asked for anything else. I am truly bless to have you as my son. I’m looking forward for all the great things ahead of us. Mommy will always be beside you, helping you face this world.

I love you, honey!

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