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And I’m Back with a Promise

I KNOW!!!  It’s been ages!  And I have no excuse.  Not that anyone would miss me or my writing. LOL!

Well, I do miss writing and still I can’t get myself to shut down my site, so I might as well go back to blogging.

Enough said.  It’s summer now.  The time of the year I usually find the time to write.  Right now, I’ve made 3 promises to myself which I thought I should write here so I can’t back out on it.  This is going to be my 22-month challenge.  The goal is to get back in shape before I turn 40.  The challenge include these promises:

  1. Quit smoking.  I’ve been smoking since I was 16, on and off of course.  I was able to quit when I had my kids and but pick up the habit again when I went back to work.  I was able to keep it low when the kids are young but now that they send more time away from me, I’ve been smoking way too much for my own good.  It’s going to be my biggest challenge but I really how I can kick out the habit for good.
  2. Be healthier.  I’ve been feeling too many pain lately and I really hate it.  But I can only blame myself.  I don’t work out, I have a bad diet and I smoke too much.  Who can stay healthy this way?  But no more…I have a lot of things I still want to do with my Hubby and the kids.  And I have a ton in my bucket list that I want to do once the kids grow into adult.  I have to live long!
  3. Be more active.  I definitely need to get out on my chair and start to be more active.  But let me finish 1 and 2 first before I get into this.  I need to be in shape if I want to keep up with the Hubby with his surfing.  Plus, I want to wall climb again…maybe even rock climb?

So there.  These are my promises to myself and I’m going to make sure I rock 40 after this challenge!


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