toki at 5

And Then He Was Five

Wow!  The Little Guy is now five years old and he’s so proud of himself for being a certified big boy.  Well, I’m not really sure where he got the idea about being certified but he sure is doing his best to live up to his big boy claim.  It’s really funny how mentioning the phrase “big boy” can work magic. Whenever h throws a tantrum or get frustrated about things not going his ways, I would simply to ask him, “Do big boys do this or that?” or “What would big boy do in this case?”  and magic – crying ends and he’ll be acting like a little man all day.  Cool!

His Five Years Old Milestone

Mr. Independent.  The Little Guy can pretty much take care of himself without mommy…literally.  He can bathe himself, brush his teeth, dress up and take care of his breakfast on his own.  He likes doing things his way, so unless he says that he needs help, you have to let him be.  If you help him without his permission, expect to be thanked with a big tantrum.

The Mathematician.  Just like Hubby, the Little Guy loves numbers and yes, I use it as a bribe to get him to follow me.  Who would have thought that promising to give math problems can get your kid to eat all his greens? LOL!  Aside from numbers, games about patterns and those that involves logic are big hit for him.  Forget action figures, he’ll rather play with things he can pull apart and build again like puzzles and legos.

The Spirited Boy.  Yes, he is a spirited boy.  I’ve suspected it for a long time and now I can definitely say that I have a spirited child in my hand.  His big reactions often get him misunderstood at school and yes, I’ve been called to school a lot.  It actually irritates me that his teachers haven’t noticed that his a spirited child…or was I expecting too much? Here at home, I’ve pretty much got used to him and had found ways to deal with this handful of a little man. The book “Raising your Spirited Child” by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka had been a big help and so are the many blogs by parents who are raising a spirited child themselves.

The Sweetest Guy.  As much as the Little Guy resembles the Hubby (both in looks and intelligence), he is very much the opposite when it comes to showing his emotions – he is a spirited child after all.  He is especially not shy to show how much he like you.  Once he decided that he likes you, expect a lot of hugs and kisses.  If he sees you sad or sick, he’s quick to ask why and what he can do to make you feel better.  He may be the cause of my drained energy every day, but he definitely makes up of it by recharging me with his witty antics, hugs and lots of kisses.

The Birthday Party that didn’t happen

Super PocoyoHe initially wanted to have a birthday party – a costume party, with him as Super Pocoyo, hit a piñata, and blow candles on his mickey mouse cake.

What he got instead: lunch at Clawdaddy, a whole afternoon at Fun Ranch, a toy of his choice and a cake.

Was he happy about it?  Most definitely!  As soon as I mentioned BIG SLIDES, the party idea was forgotten.  There’s this big slide at Fun Ranch that he always wanted to try but can’t because he’s either too small or too young.  But now, no one’s stopping him from sliding.  He tried out all the slides there and even made some friends while playing at the playdium.  It’s just like having a party, except all the guests paid for their own food and playtime. LOL!

Aside from spending an hour at the playdium, the Little Guy and the Princess got to ride the carousel, did a bit of fishing and played mini-golf.  It was really late when we finally decide to call it quits ,but the Little Guy insisted that he still needs his cake and the one gift I promised, so off to the mall we go to grab them before heading home.

We did spent almost close to what we would have spend if we did throw a party but as Hubby would put it, it was worth spending since it all went to the Little Guy rather than feeding a dozen or more kids most of which the Little Guy don’t know.  So true!

Toki's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!


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