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Summer’s Out and It’s Back to School

And we’re back!

I know. Somehow this site ended up taking a summer vacation along with us…lol!

Good news is my blog got a make-over. Bad news, I need to clean up a lot of the content…The images needs some fixing and yes, I’m still seeing a lot of grammar errors. I really need to learn to check and recheck my posts instead of free (more like blind) writing.

Oh well…summer’s out and rainy season has officially started according to PAGASA, and it’s just in time for the school opening. It’s been raining on and off since the first day of school last week, but it’s back to just being hot again this week. I got sunburned the other day while hanging the clothes outside. Arrrggg!

It’s been an interesting first week of school. The Hubby is taking an active role this time around, waking up early to drive us to school. At times like this, I’m really glad that we both have flexible work hours. It’s so much earlier to help each other out. Both kids are also especially well-behave since school started. No fuzz morning and no drama before bed. My kids are really growing up fast!

The Princess is now in 2nd grade and very much a big girl. She wanted to set a good example to her little brother, so she’s acting very independent at school. Yes, no more coaxing her to go to her classroom. She does everything on her own and manages to help her little brother to his room as well. She’s also determined to do better with her school work this year. First grade was a bit hard for her. She was having a hard time coping in class and too shy to ask her teacher’s help. I had to be the bad mommy last year to force her to work harder on her own and work up her courage to speak up in class when she can’t understand the lesson and participate in class activities. Well she did and she pull through with flying colors.

If the Princess is excited about school, the Little Guy is ecstatic. He is finally joining his big sister in what he refers to as the Big Kids’ School. He wanted to go there since last year, but we opt for the one closer to home since he throws a lot of tantrums back then. With the intention of putting him in Grade 1 instead of Prep, I requesting to have him tested for Grade 1 and sure enough he passed them with ease. No, it was better than expected that the councillor even suggested that I had him tested for giftedness. Well, I’ve always knew that he was gifted considering his noticeable asynchronous development – something I learned from a lot of reading. And no, I really have no plans of having him tested further.

The kids’ current school doesn’t really have any program for gifted kids, but they were willing to make special arrangement for the Little Guy! After some talk, I decided to put him in Prep, since emotionally he is very much a 5 year old. In turn, the school agreed to give him additional lessons as needed to support his advance intellectual development. I think this is our best option for now. After observing the Little Guy for a week, I think I made the right decision.

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