Back To School For The Little Ones

ki schoolIt’s been a week since the Princess started grade 1.  She’s been waiting for this day all summer and was really happy when she put on her uniform again.  Of course, I’m just as excited as she is, but a bit worried as well.  Aside from her gigantic bag, she’ll be staying at school a lot longer now and will be having her lunch there under her teacher’s supervision.  I’m constantly worrying whether she can manage her bag, or eat her food properly, but so far she’s doing great.  She even proudly announced that she managed to buy an ice cream on her own and ate it without getting any on her clothes.

Yes, she bought an ice cream, with mommy’s approval the night before, of course.  She has an allowance now, so she can afford some.  It’s not much, but I figure it’s time for her to learn about money and budgeting.  Hopefully, she’ll be a better spender that I am. LOL!

Princess knew very little about money.  Well, her school taught her about the numbers on it and what color each denomination has but she doesn’t really have an idea about what it’s for or how to use it.  She also knows that mommy and daddy work, so they’ll have money to buy things she needs, but that’s about it.

Her interest in money started early summer. She wanted to use her crayons to do some art work and asked me if she’ll be getting new ones when school starts.  I told her that if we have enough money by then, I’ll definitely buy her.  But if not, she would need to use her old one.  Of course, I did plan to buy her new things for next school year, but I wanted her to take care of what she has right now that’s why I reply that way.

Now, this got the Princess really worried.  The next day, she asked if she can sell her old toys to raise money for her school things.  Curious as to how she’ll manage a yard sale, I said yes and let her prepare for it.  She spent the entire day scavenging for old toys, learning about pricing and giving change, and preparing things she needs to set up a yard sale.  Once she’s done, I checked her items and found some of she expensive toys priced at 25 cents a piece.  Seriously, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry!

I tried to explain to her how things should be priced but of course, she’s 6 so it’s a bit tricky.  I eventually told her to forget about the yard sale and instead just work for mommy.  Our deal is for her to help clean the house everyday for Php 5.  She will also get additional Php 5 for other chores that she’ll help with.  She was really serious about earning money and worked really hard for a month and a half.  She even talk to her grandma and forbid her to help out so she can earn more.  She even convince her daddy to give her a job too.  By the end of summer, she had enough to buy a 64-color crayon and other art materials.  She was so proud of herself when we bought it.

toki schoolHow’s school for me? 

Well, other than having a hard time thinking about what to prepare for lunch every morning, everything is great.  It’s a nice change to have the kids out of the house and at school.  As much as I love spending time with them, it’s hard to keep them busy here at home.  Now, I just have to make sure that the Princess’ enthusiasm to go to school will robe off to the Little Guy.  He started going to school last Monday and so far, he has no objections.  🙂

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