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Back to Work

Yup! My maternity leave is up and I’m back at the office. And in case your wondering, yes, I’m blogging right now…at work. It’s the only thing I can do to keep me awake, and I’m not just making excuses.

Work is pretty slow since late last year and there’s not much change till now. At times like this I really have nothing better to do, but as the same time I can’t leave my desk…so THANK YOU INTERNET! I would have gone insane, otherwise.

What’s my job? Yah right, I haven’t wrote about my job here.

Well, I manage a team who does quality audit of our services. I use to be very busy, working double shift just to manage 2 or 3 group of people. But since the major downsizing we did two years ago plus the current global crisis, things have totally slooooowed down. Now, it only takes me an hour or two to finish my daily task. The rest of the day, I just wait for emails, memos, or something to happen to have something to do.

The best description I can come up about my work is that it’s like blogging except you’re not allow to stay in your PJs and you’re required to comb your hair. This is the main reason why I’m in my quest to be a WAHM. It’ll definitely save me a lot on laundry and gas if I can do this same job as home.

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