Because I’m Blessed

Princess Ki: Mommy, I’m really happy today.

Me: Why are you happy, darling?

Princess Ki: Because we went out today.

Me: But we only went to the store to buy a hotdog.

Princess Ki: But we went together and I’m happy to be with you, mommy.

I stared at her for a long time and watched her happily eat her hotdog. Here I am feeling a bit sad not having any plans for this long weekend while my daughter was already overjoyed by the simple fact that we spent 15 minutes together walking to a store to buy a hotdog.

My kids, they are very good in reminding me that the simplest things in life are the happiest. More than the material things I wish I could buy for them, they never fail to remind me that my kisses and hugs are more than enough for them. That playing tickle-me and peek-a-boos together is a lot more fun than them playing alone with their new toys. That sharing a bowl of noodles that we prepare together tastes better when we eat together.

“I’ve happy when where together, mommy! Even when we’re just sleeping.”

It just melts me hearing all these words. How did I manage to raise such an affectionate kid? And if that isn’t enough, there’s the Little Guy who constantly give me kisses and hugs whenever I’m tired or sad and would dance for me just to make me laugh.

Right now I’m thinking…

.. I’m truly blessed!
…and have no right to complain about any other things.
…So what if life’s tough?
…I have them. I have more than enough.

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Nanay Gin

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