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Best in Crying Goes to…

It was really funny when the Little Guy got back from school last Friday with a celebratory shout, “Mom, NO MORE SCHOOL! NO MORE SCHOOL!”  We’ve been counting down the days to the end of school and obviously, he felt victorious to have survived till the last day.  I was happy as well, knowing that we’ll have one less reason to argue every morning.  Well, we do have the graduation ceremony, but how bad can that get, right?

Just to be on the safe side, we spent all day Saturday talking about the graduation and how much fun it’ll be.  He was fine with it till we went to bed.  But the next day, he was back to his old “I-wanna-stay-home” attitude.  He refused to bathe nor wear his uniform and insisted that he rather sleep.  We don’t really have much time to argue, so I let him fall back to sleep, then slowly dress him up and put him in the car.  I figure we still have enough time to change his mind on our way there.

We did got him back to a good mood on the way.  He loves stop lights, so that kept him cheerful the rest of the trip.  Unfortunately, it was short live because as soon as he saw his classmates, he knew he’d been tricked.  He let go of my hand, head straight to the nearest stair and just sit there.  Now, the real battle is about to begin…

Round 1 – The battle of the toga.

Best in CryingOur first showdown was getting him to wear his toga.  I already resorted to carrying him inside the auditorium against his will, so he was more mad than ever when I told him he has to wear a robe.

Mommy: Let’s wear your toga, please.
LG: NO!  I want to go home.
Mommy: We can go home after you wear this.

All eyes were on us as I tried to put on and keep the toga on him.  The Hubby was no help at all and was just waiting for me to give up, so he can take us all home.  Things like graduation ceremonies are not his thing and since he was never that interested about it when he was young, he has no intention of forcing it on his son.  Needless to say, I was on my own on this one.

After all the crying, shouting and kicking, I ended up winning and somehow calming the Little Guy.  I can feel all eyes on us as we settle on a sit — some looks sorry, others understanding and some plain irritated.

Round 2 – Death March

crying2With the Little Guy more calm, it’s time to get him to join his classmate for the march.

LG: Mommy, I want to go home.
Mommy: We’ll go home a little later.  We just need to march like your other classmates.
Mommy: But I’m here, baby.
LG: No! I don’t like!

Again, all eyes were on us, especially when the Little Guy decided to lay down on the floor, crying.  I really don’t want to make a scene at the start of the program, so I ask the teacher if it was okay not to march.  Maybe we can just come in a bit later and just slip into our seat?  The teacher was too busy with the organizing that she just led me to the line were everybody were waiting.  I guessed that means we should march no matter what

So I ended up marching while carrying the Little Guy.  By then, I was passed the feeling of embarrassment and being apologetic.  It was going to be another chaotic ceremony and the only thing I can think of is to survive the program without the Little Guy screaming.

Round 3 – Catch that Little Guy

Having attended this very same ceremony twice with the Princess, I knew that the teachers lose control over the kids and the crowd once the handing of diploma and awards start.  I was no longer worried about the Little Guy and was more curious on what he’s gonna do on stage.

For the handing of the diploma, he pleaded that I hug him so even though only the students were suppose to go up the stage, I was with him to get it.  Right after, the official photographer was suppose to take his picture holding the diploma, but that pissed him off, so he decided to throw the diploma at him…oops!

For the special award, “I want that circle thing (medal), Mommy.”  he said.  Good! So, we when up the stage with a smile, pose for the camera and we’re down the stage without any drama.

For the honor’s medal, “No more, Mommy!  One circle only!  I don’t want two!”  But up we go anyway, again with me carrying the Little Guy. I can see that the administrators and guest are irritated already.  They are probably wondering, “Everyone were so well-behave, so why is this boy in such a bad mood”

crying3All the honor students were supposed to stay on stage after the parents put the medal on them.  Despite the Little Guy’s protest, I was asked to go down and leave him there.  My pleasure!

To everyone’s amusement, the Little Guy put on a show running and dodging away from his teachers.  He wanted to follow me down but they tried to stop him so he instead get down on the floor sitting then crawl back the stage. They couldn’t do anything about him as he shouted for Mommy.

The other parents are feeling sorry for me but I was busy laugh out loud and taking pictures.  He’s definitely giving me a lot of materials to write about…haha!

Failing to make him stand with the other kids, the school vice-president carried the Little Guy to the back stage and hand him back to him to me with a sarcastic yet controlled remark. “Yan na, mommy mo.  Sayong-sayo na mommy mo!” (Here’s your mommy.  She’s all yours!)

In the end, it was 2-1 in favor of the Little Guy.  If there was a Best in Crying or Tantrum Award, he would have definitely gotten it.  Both Hubby and the Princess, who happily watched us from the back, appeared before us as soon as I got the Little Guy back to his chair.  Nice timing!  We decided to skip the rest of the program and rush out to leave.

Looking at the pictures now, he doesn’t look like he’s having a tantrum at all.  At least in most of the pictures.  I guess he doesn’t mind sitting there on his own as long as you don’t make him do all the mandatory marching, walking up the stage or receiving of anything…so Daddy-like of him.

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