Bye Bye Nursery!

Princess Ki’s class just ended a week ago with a graduation rite that feels like my Princess just finished primary school. No, really, it was like that except the graduates were tiny people. They even have a guest speaker who was giving advice to the kids. But I think the kids were all busy playing on their sits. Aside from the formal ceremony, the parents were also serious and very formal. Parents and kids alike were dressed up and made up. I think I even spotted a parent in a cocktail dress. Hubby and I, on the other hand, are in our casual wears (Yes, Hubby was wearing t-shirt and jeans that day!) I did wore a close shoes that day, so at least I was presentable when I went up the stage with Ki to receive her awards. Who cares anyways, right?

The Princess was awarded second honor and best in science. She also got 3 other awards which I honestly can’t remember what for….my bad. I guess, with the Princes just in nursery, I find all these things unnecessary, so I didn’t really pay much attention. But don’t get me wrong. I am very much proud of the Princess. I’m just not a big fan of rankings especially for that age.

Here are a few pictures from the event. Princess Ki was really sick days before the event, so she still looks pale in the pictures. But she did manage to smile in a few of them. I also took a video of Princess while they sang their graduation song but I haven’t got around editing it so it had to wait.




A few days after her graduation, I took the kids to Fun Ranch (again). I promised the Princess that I’ll take her back after school ends and she hadn’t stop asking when since graduation day. Of course, her smile is just priceless!


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