Pinterest-inspired Crochet Projects

Pinterest Inspired Crochet ProjectsJust when I thought I didn’t have the time to crochet…I ended up making a few last month. Well, some were old projects that has been waiting for me to finish while others are impromptu work I did as gifts to the little one’s classmates. I guess they have a lot of friends who celebrated their birthdays last month. LOL!

And by the way, I got all the ideas from Pinterest.

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My New Hobby

I’ve been meaning to blog about my new hobby – knitting.  Though, I bought my first knitting needle a year ago, it wasn’t until December that I actually got the chance (well, more of need) to learn how to.  The thing is, the kids needed new sweaters and I can’t find one that I like and at the same time cheap.  So, I decided I’m gonna knit them myself instead.

I was confident that it’s going to be easy to learn how to knit and it was.  Basic knitting and purring instructions are available everywhere and so are simple patterns to follow.  Of course, when I finally found a pattern to follow, I realized that 1) I have the wrong knitting needle and 2) I have the wrong yarn…now what?

Finding some yarns is not much of a problem.  I can always go to Divisoria for some local yarns.  The most popular brands I found there were Red Heart and Eagle.  There are probably other brands but I didn’t pay much attention to them.  Another place to go is Rosario, Pasig.  There are several stalls near the bridge that sells yarns by bulk and they are really cheap.  National Bookstore and SM Department stores also carry a few yarns in their craft section but they are cost twice as much compared to the other 2 places I mentioned.  I also heard that there’s a place called Dreams in Glorietta 5 that sells a wide variety of yarns including imported ones.  I haven’t tried  going…in fear that I might go crazy. LOL!  There is also an online store that I found just recently, Yarn Manila.  I been looking through their stuff but again, I’m holding off buying anything since I might end up with too many yarns than I can handle. Continue reading My New Hobby

Buwan ng Wika: DIY Costume Take 2

It’s Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month) again, and as usual, the kids had to go to school in their national costumes. I was originally planning to sew a Southern inspired clothing but before I knew it, I only have a day left to get her costume ready. Good thing I saved Ki”s igorot costume from last year.


To change it a bit, I used white shirt.  This time, I crochet strips of red, white and black strip on the neck line and sleeves.  I also added a crochet bracelet and what use to be her headdress has been converted to a bracelet as well.  Tadan!  An entirely new look!

Igorot Costume

I did some temporary stitching on the scarf to turn it to a skirt.  I can use it as a scarf again after this.  For knitters/crocheter, if you have enough time, you can probably make the entire costume instead of using a scarf. If you want to know how I did the previous one, the step by step guide is here.

Another Amigurumi Attempt

Learning more about Amigurumi and trying one had kept me busy this week.  The Princess is very much excited herself and had made sure to hand me my bag of yarns are soon as get home from work.  After some quick online search and a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally finished our first doll which the Princess named, Purply Pinky.

The Princess is very happy with her new doll and is now requesting for a farm full of animals and 2 more ballerina dolls.  Obviously, it’s gonna be a busy weekend of me and my new found hobby.


purply pinky


Yesterday, I decided to make an inventory of my yarns and unfinished crochet projects.  Looks like I have way too many unfinished projects and not enough yarns (even if I combine matching colors) to start anything that would fit my kids. Well, I could make another hat for them, but I think they already have enough that.

So, I was sorting out the yarns, the Princess asked if I could make a crochet puppet that we can use for our nightly story telling and that gave me some ideas what to do with some of my leftover yarns.

First Amigurumi ProjectI might have been really excited, because in just one sitting I’ve manage to complete this little stuffed doll.  This is my first attempt to do a stuffed doll and definitely my first for something this small, so the details are a bit off.  The doll stuffing was bought in Saizen Galleria in case any of you local mama’s looking for one.

The Princess is really happy with the new doll and decided to commission me into doing a full set of farm animals.  Haha!  What a way to get mommy to keep crocheting.

I did a quick search in Google and found out that there’s a name for this kind of crocheting.  It’s Amigurumi, a Japanese art of crocheting or knitting stuff animals.  Just type the word in Google and you’ll be able to find it’s full description and so many sites where you can get some free and for sale patterns or buy some ready-made dolls.  Every site I go seems to have something cute (if not all) doll that I like to do.  I’m really excited to get started.