Princess Ki’s Artwork

Experts say that at age 4 or 5, kids’ drawings often tell a story. It could be a representation of something they did recently, something they are most interested in or some that bother him.

This is so true for the Princess. Most of her drawing were things she enjoyed doing and/or wish to do. She also usually have a story to tell for every drawing she makes.

Here’s a few of the drawings she did last night. This is an alternative activity for our story telling night since she has a new colored pencil…

Princess Ki re-draw this first drawing at least 4 or 5 times before she became satisfied with the swing. I’m suppose to be the girl in the swing according to her and she’s the one climbing up to the slide.

This next drawing, I think, is our neighborhood. I didn’t get to ask what this is but I think I heard a part about her playing with her friends…lol! The Little Guy keeps yelling, “mama, mama” while the Princess was talking so I kinda got lost in the story.

She also did a number of pictures of her dad for father’s day. Most of them are Father and daughter drawing and some of the activities that she like them to do like eating ice cream together or playing ball.

Back to Crocheting

I’ve been crocheting on and off since I was a little girl.  You can say that it’s sort of a tradition for the women of my dad’s family to learn how to, so as early as grade school, I was already crocheting.  Back then, I was usually asked to crochet table mantles and curtains for my grandma’s house.  Then when I got older I got interested in doing bags and purses and even cellphone pouch.

Of course, when I got pregnant and had kids, everything I crochet were for babies.  I was checking out some of the projects I completed and here are some of them that I posted years ago in my other blog.  Here’s some of my projects caught on film:


So I’m back to crocheting again this month and my latest project is this simple top inspired my this pattern.  I say” inspired” because I didn’t really followed the whole instruction. I used mesmerized cotton for this project and hook number 7.


The project turned out okay, except…


…it’s too small of the Princess.  Well, it did fit the Little Guy…

DIY Costume for Buwan ng Wika

Ki’s school is celebrating “Buwan ng Wika” (National Language Month) and everyone were asked to be in their Traditional Clothes, today. I only have 3 days to find something for the Princess to wear and I’m really not a fan of buying a costume that she’ll only wear for a day.  The good news is some of our traditional costumes are still very much reflected in our modern clothes and accessories to with a little bit of scavenging and creativity, I turn this:

capiz accessories

into this Igorot costume.

Igorot Costume

What you need for this costume?

  1. A native patterned scarf – I’ve sure you have one in your closet, or you can buy a yard or 2 of similar fabric in the market.
  2. Capiz accessories – There everywhere.  You can opt for the cheap faux version or use bead accessories.  Just make sure it’s the same color as the scarf you’ll be using.
  3. Plain white or black shirt.

How to wear it:  Put on the shirt then wrap the scarf above the waist.  Then put on the accessories and viola!

The Princess won 3rd place for Best in Costume for this. 🙂

A Little Something for Toki

I think I haven’t mention this at all….I love to crochet. It’s in my blood. The older generation of my family (father side) crochet for a living. They wanted me to join in but I’d rather to it for fun and only when I actually feel like it.

Anyway, in preparation for Toki’s arrival, I have been busying myself with little projects: mittens, socks, caps, cute stuff. I finally finished some of them and I wanted to share it with everyone: