Santa Came to Town by Princess Ki

The Princess loves story-telling. Whenever she can’t choose a book for me to read to them, she would ask if I can tell her a story instead. Lately, she decided to try telling stories herself. Her favorite subject is often about me and her on an adventure and yes, they all sound like one of Dora’s adventure except the main characters were mommy and Ki.

But last night, she decided to tell a story about Santa Claus. Now, I’m not really sure how much she knows about Santa as I don’t really talk about him to them so it was interesting to hear her story.

Santa Came to Town by Princess Ki

santaOnce upon a time, Santa Clause came to town on his sled. He had so many gifts to give away. He was laughing, “HO! HO! HO!” so loudly that all the children heard him. They all change in their best clothes and came out of their house to see Santa.

When Santa saw the children, he gave them their toys. Only good girls have gifts. Santa didn’t give any gifts to the bad boys.

But there is one good girl, her name is Isabella, who didn’t get any gift. It made Isabella sad so she started to cry.

Santa said, “Don’t cry Isabella, I still have a lot of gifts in my sleigh. Would you like to help me get more gifts?”

So Isabella stopped crying and went with Santa in his sleigh. When they got there, he took a gift from his sleigh and gave it to Isabella.

Everyone said, “Thank you, Santa!”

When it was time for Santa to leave, he noticed that his 8 deer are missing.

Mommy (interrupting the story): Darling they are not deer. They’re called reindeer.

Princess: Yes, I forgot. Every Christmas deer become reindeer.

Mommy: ???

(Disclaimer: I’m not so sure how many reindeer Santa has, but the Princess is very sure that Santa always has eight reindeer pulling his sleigh.)

“Where did my 8 reindeer go?” Santa asked. He started to whistle to call them and sure enough, they came flying back to Santa. They were hiding on the roof.

Santa said goodbye to the children and he and his reindeer flew up to the sky, happily ever after.

The End

Mommy: Since Santa gave you a gift, what would you give him in return?
Princess Ki: I want to give him a sleigh mommy.
Mommy: Why?
Princess: He needs another sleigh in case his old one broke.
Mommy: Do you know where to find one?
Princess: At the toy store.
Mommy(laughing): Sure darling!

The Princess promised me more story tonight. Maybe I should keep writing them for her. Then someday, we can read them again.

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Stories From A 4 Year Old

The Princess has been drawing non-stop ever since I showed her that you can make up stories through drawing. I think she already used up a total of 3 sketch pads plus the Little Guy’s drawing pad and my personal sketch pad (which was a little bit more expensive if I may add). I just bought another one this week.  Hopefully it’ll last a little longer since it’s a 100-sheet pad.

While I was browsing through all the drawings, the Princess happily told me what each picture is all about. I turn some of them into comic strips to share here:

The Things I Love To Do

The Things I Love To Do by Princess Ki

Me and My Imaginary Cat

Me and My Imaginary Cat by Princess Ki

I Love My Baby

I Love My Baby by Princess Ki

I love the fact that she’s been drawing nothing but the things she loves. I feel at ease that she’s is such a happy kid.


Princess Ki on Ballet Ball

If there one thing that Hubby and I are totally in common about our kids, it would be the fact that we both want them to try as many activities as they could growing up.

Hubby and I were both active kids.  Hubby was active in quizbee and spelling competitions during his elementary years.  He even attended several national competitions and landed a full high school scholarship because of it.  Then in high school, he got interested in sports and was part of his school’s volleyball and table tennis varsity teams.  He also learned to play the guitar which was quite common for high school boys back then.  In college, it was theater arts for him and acting in gag shows that are very famous in the late 90’s.    As for me, I was active in singing, dancing and acting through out elementary  up to college, though as I got older, I move to the more behind the scene activities – stage design, pr, make-up artist, costume design, etc.  I was also fascinated with military activities during my high school year that I applied for COCC (Cadet Officers Candidate Course) during my 1st year in high school.  So my entire 4 years of high school include dismantling riffles and learning survival training.

I think we tried everything that we can back then.  If it’s free then it’s worth to try.  I paint, did skateboarding and skating (both 4-wheel and inline), tried (though never excel on them) basketball, volleyball, bowling, swimming and billiards.  Hubby has his own endless lists of things he tried and know how to do, as well..

We’ve been waiting for the kids to show some interest in any activities and we’ve vowed to let them pursue them.  So for months now, Ki has been showing interest in ballet. She got it from watching “Angelina Ballerina” on cable and every night she would show me some new moves that she learned from the show. Of course, I was happy about it but at the same time it drives me nuts seeing her bump everywhere as she tries to tip toe, leap and do a pirouette.

Two weeks ago, for my own piece of mind, I decided teach her a few basic steps. I’m no expert but I did learn the basics back in grade school so I thought I should at least teach her the basic stands and steps. At least it would keep her from trying to fly for a little longer while she learn how to hold some positions.

Just after our lesson, the Hubby started talking to the Little Guy asking him if he would like to learn how to play basketball. The Little Guy who always says yes to his dad just nodded with a smile. So the Hubby turned to the Princess. “What about you Ki? Would you like to play volleyball?” We were both surprise when the Princess immediately replied in a mad tone, “Daddy, what’s volleyball?  Can I really ballet on a ball? That’s gonna be hard!” I was laughing so loud looking at the Hubby’s reaction. He’s not sure whether to be mad or laugh for his smartass daughter. She does have a point after all if only volleyball was spelled ballet ball…lol!

I’ve been looking for a ballet school around our area in case Ki continued her interest to learn ballet. I did found one in Ortigas but their current call is already full.  We’ll have to wait until a new class open up.