Why My Kids are in Public School

If you ask me a year ago if I’ll ever consider putting my kids in a public school, my answer would definitely be “NO”.  Back then, the only thing I knew about public school is what we usually hear in the news:

it’s over-populated and there’s not enough classrooms, books and teachers.

In Manila, most public schools near our place had to implement 3 shifts with the first one starting as early as 5 am.  And even with 3 shifts, the rooms are still crowded with 50-60 students per class.  I’m guessing only the kids who are really determine to learn, or those with parents that are actively supervising theirs kids, are actually learning something. Continue reading Why My Kids are in Public School

Alive and Kicking (Really Hard) This 2016

WOOAAHHHH!  Another year has passed and here I am still trying to revive this blog.  (Notice the new theme? Probably not! LOL!) It may be weird to talk about our new life since it’s not so new any more but here goes some update –

Last time I was here, I talked about our recent move to the suburbs and well, we are still doing great and loving it here.  The kids adjusted well in their new school, Hubby has also adjusted well with his work schedule while I’m now addicted to gardening.

I think 2015 was our most memorable year-to-date.  It’s our year of new beginning, starting over and facing new challenges.

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We Left the Big City

Yes, we finally did it. We left the crowded life of Manila and are now enjoying the cooler and more peaceful life here in Cavite. Technically speaking, this place is also a city but it’s so much nicer here and cooler compare to the big city. I keep saying cooler because believe me, right now in the middle of summer, Manila is scourging HOT! Even just blinking can make you sweat…and no I’m not exaggerating. Continue reading We Left the Big City

Summer’s Out and It’s Back to School

And we’re back!

I know. Somehow this site ended up taking a summer vacation along with us…lol!

Good news is my blog got a make-over. Bad news, I need to clean up a lot of the content…The images needs some fixing and yes, I’m still seeing a lot of grammar errors. I really need to learn to check and recheck my posts instead of free (more like blind) writing.

Oh well…summer’s out and rainy season has officially started according to PAGASA, and it’s just in time for the school opening. It’s been raining on and off since the first day of school last week, but it’s back to just being hot again this week. I got sunburned the other day while hanging the clothes outside. Arrrggg! Continue reading Summer’s Out and It’s Back to School

Award Ceremonies are Simply Not Our Thing

For a typical family attending their kid’s moving up ceremony, the scene would be:

  • Parents and kids all dress up and made up for the occasion, complete with corsages.
  • Non-stop photo-off from the moment they arrive and long after the ceremony’s over. Mind you, they had to take about a dozen pictures of their kids receiving certificates and awards.  Oh, let’s not forget to strike a pose in every corner of the stage.
  • The darling kids smiling and waving as they walk up the stage.

Kinder Toki

Us? Let’s just say we’re the odd ones out.

How do we look? Everyone were dressed up like their going out for a stroll.  There no point in trying to dress up. The less I make a big deal out of this, the more cooperative everyone will be.

Pictures?  I was lucky I even got a picture of the Little Guy looking bored on his sit.  Hubby and the Princess are no help either, since they were both sitting way back of the auditorium (happily enjoying a few moments in dreamland) to even noticed that we were already on stage. Speaking of going up the stage, the Little Guy was happy to go up the first time, but doing it twice is too much for him.  Why didn’t they give everything in one go anyway, right?

The ceremony?  Like I said, Hubby and daughter are both asleep, the Little Guy can’t wait to get out of there, and poor me quietly accept the fact that none of my three darlings will ever care about this kind of ceremonies and recognition.  Well, at least they all still went.  Maybe next time I would have to take them along by force.

Princess Ki’s Grade 1 Progress

Last Friday was the Princess’ last day of school. They had a farewell party, and classroom recognition where almost everyone were given an award for a job well done. While chatting with Ki’s teacher and other parents, I found out that one of the student stopped going to school because he dropped one place in the Honor’s List. Apparently, the boy’s parents weren’t happy about it, and after talking to the teacher, decided not to let the kid attend the remaining days of school to express their disappointment. Well, it’s not unusual to hear parents complaining about their kids ranking, but this is the first time that I heard of someone actually stopping their kids from attending school as a protest to a ranking result. Technically speaking, the boy already completed the whole year, so missing the final week wouldn’t really matter. But it makes me wonder how this would affect that boy? I mean, really? WHY? Was making it to the top of the class that important at such age and grade level? Isn’t there a better way to express their dissatisfaction?

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