Ms Eighteen Months

Ki at 18th monthKi turned 18 months this month. If last month she just love to talk (more like saying random words)…now, she’s more communicable. She actually tell stories and ask questions and answer our questions. It was weird…one minute she just keep on saying “no” and “mine” and stringing two words, then next thing you knew she’s talking about everything around her. And she’s even singing songs….not just lalala singing but tune-and-lyrics singing.

Eating is also more fun lately. I finally figure out our problem with the mess –  (1) the chair is too low for her and (2) the spoon is too big.

You see, we don’t own a high chair…and we don’t really want to own one. It’s too expensive for it’s purpose and since Ki is a fast learner, we figure, she’ll outgrow it before we can get our money’s worth.  Instead,  I just let her sit on my lap while she eats.  When she started wanting to eat by herself, we let her stand on the chair while eating.  Imagine the mess she makes every time we eat. Haha!!! My motto is you either let your kids make a mess or don’t give them the spoon at all.

Now, she wants to eat sitting down just like mommy and daddy and well, that make it hard for her to reach the table. To top it all, she’s using a regular spoon which is too long and heavy for her to control (my bad for that one). Our solution: I place a stool on the chair and make her sit there. It was a perfect fit for her and Ki was more than happy about it. We also manage to buy her her own spoon and fork…finally! Now, she’s eating like a pro. I never realized that she already figure out how to properly hold and use the spoon and fork. There’s still a mess every now and then, but at least most of the food now goes into her mouth. Amen to that.


Although Ki is an advance baby (…her development it a little more advance than most according to her doctor but of course it’s still to early to make any assumptions), she doesn’t like to show of what she can do around people…especially adults. Her circle of trusted love ones are just mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, uncle and aunty. When around us, she is very lively and smart and talkative. But when there’s other people around, she turned into a turtle hiding in her shell.

Zambales 2008We brought her along to our company outing a few weeks back and she was so quiet at the bus and during meal time. She refuse to smile at anyone and would even hide her face on my chest. She just hang on me tightly as if afraid that someone will take her away from me. But when she thinks that we’re alone or that no one’s looking, she’s all smile and loud. Those who saw her swimming from afar thinks she’s adorable especially went she dives to the pool and try to float and swim. But for those who tried to be friendly to her during meal time, she’s not so cute coz she’s frowning at them as if saying back off! Taray talaga!

Pregnancy Quick Update – Week 18

Nanay Gin June 2008According to my record, I am now 18 weeks pregnant. My bump is now noticeable from the side though I can still hide it in my jacket. I’ll be having my second ultrasound in 2 weeks and if we’re lucky we’ll know if we’ll be having a girl or boy. Exciting!

How am I? Well, I’m feeling fine most of the time. My only complain so far are:

(1) the pimples on my face;

(2) going up our apartment (which is 4 floors high);

(3) and constipation.

None of these have been a problem when I was carrying my first, but apparently no two pregnancy are the same.