First Time at UP Ayala Technohub


So, I’ve been hearing about the UP Technohub for some time now but never really been there until last Saturday. The kids are totally fascinated with the water fountain in the middle of the techno park, especially after seeing other kids running barefooted. The Princess wanted to go barefoot as well, but Daddy objected. But that didn’t stop her from running around.


The Little Guy was more tamed than the Princess. He likes balls a lot, so seeing this huge ball is just heaven for him.

UP-Ayala Technohub

One of the kids current favorite is playing on slides so when they saw this curvy sits, they just have to pretend that it’s a slide.

UP-Ayala Technohub

The place still have a lot of vacancy probably since it’s really new. Maybe next time we come here, there’ll be more places to eat and more things to do.

Weekend Get Away at Tagaytay

We originally planned to just go south to attend a close friend’s wedding with a short pit stop at my in-laws. But as faith would have it, we ended up arriving a day early and extending our stay a day after.


The wedding venue was just magnificent. The room that we stayed-in while getting ready for the wedding has a great view of the famous Taal Lake. I really wanted to take a lot of picture but with a flower girl that keeps running around and the Little Guy who a bit under the weather, I just don’t have enough hand to do things. Lol! Continue reading Weekend Get Away at Tagaytay

Ki’s First Field Trip

Last October 16 was Princess Ki’s first ever field trip. She doesn’t really know what a field trip is and I don’t think she cares to know. All she cares, and is excited about, is she’ll be with mommy for one whole day.

The trip started out really early. I think I was too worried that I won’t be able to get up on time to prepare our food that I ended up waking up every hour the night before the trip. The result: I fell asleep as soon as the bus moved…

Our first stop is the Rainforest Park in Pasig. It’s a public park were people go to unwind or do some exercise. In it you’ll find a mini-zoo, several basketball and tennis courts, swimming pool, picnic area and walking trails. It’s really is a nice place for families to go to without spending much.

I did a lousy job taking pictures because I was too busy containing the Princess’ excitement after seeing the park’s train, so here’s some much better picture of the place from flickr. I also found this nice article about the place. Continue reading Ki’s First Field Trip

The Kids Love Eastwood Mall

It’s still fairly new and with a lot of units still unoccupied…but I’ll still pick this mall over the dozen mall close to our place.


Free parking…using, of course, hubby’s office parking space which is just close by.

FOOD…so many choices…well, maybe same is true with other malls, but still.

And most of all, this

Eastmall Mall

It’s the only mall I know that my kids can run around without bothering other people.  And they have great comfort rooms.  The outside is also great to walk/run around.

Eastwood City

My hubby, who hates malls and long drives, don’t mind taking us here because he can stay outside and away from the cold.  He gets sick when he stays too long inside a mall. Too cold for him.  And since he works close by, he can still work and just catch up for lunch.