kinder graduation

Congratulation Princess!

She cleared Kinder 1 with flying colors (and medals) and we’re now ready for the big school.


Of course, the kids goofed around during the event not caring about what’s happening on the stage.  I can’t really blame them since Hubby and myself were not as attentive as well.

Goofing kids

As inattentive as I was during the event, there is something that made me wonder while I watch other parents at the event — “Why, oh why are most of the moms so dressed up and made up?” High heels and make-up, I can understand, but cocktail dress??? I mean seriously, I thought I was attending a college graduation as I walk inside auditorium.

Hubby and I was talked about it during lunch and it made us wonder if that really is how it should be and that maybe we’re the only ones that didn’t got the memo. We actually stand out of the crowd since I was in my polo shirt and rubber shoes while the Hubby was in his everyday white t-shirt and jeans…haha!

Oh well, norm is something the Hubby and I never really fit in to, so what’s new?

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