First Ever Mother’s Day Gifts

tokiwallThis is the first Mother’s Day that I actually got something from my kids and Hubby (yes, even from him). My first 3 Mother’s Days were just a time for me to read other mom’s Mother’s Day posts and reflecting on motherhood in general. But this year, the kids and the Hubby managed to make me feel specially happy being a mom.

From the Little Guy, I got a mural painting which he so proudly showed me with arms wide open while shouting mama. I know the next question is “where’s the picture?” Well, after seeing that he wasn’t using his usual washable crayon, my instinct is to get it off the wall as fast as I could before it leaves any permanent stain, so unfortunately, no actual picture to show off. But for illustration purposes, the Little Guy’s master pieces was supposedly on this particular wall. You can see at the back that he already sketched his preliminary work here but the finished work is very, very, very much colorful. And he has that same smile on his face when he showed it to me.

kismileFrom the Princess, I got a shower of paper flowers (more like confetti)….cut-outs from the newly bought activity book I gave her a few nights ago. According to her, she couldn’t find any flowers from her granddad’s garden, so she decided to just give me some flower cut-outs. “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!” was her endless greeting as she threw them all at me.

If it was on a normal day, I would probably had gone mad and scolded the kids for all the mess they did but how can I, when it’s for Mother’s Day, right?

As for the Hubby, he’s not very good with giving gift, so he had to directly ask me what I want. I used to say, “figure it out yourself,” but he literally suck at giving gifts or thinking of a gift, so when he asked this time, I have to directly let him know what I want. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared, so the only choices I can think of at that moment is ice cream or cake. I should have asked him to book me a spa treatment….my bad! But Black Forrest Cake was divine so no complains here.

So maybe they weren’t extravagant gifts, but they definitely made my day. I think with a little more practice, I can get the e-Pamilya troop to give me a breakfast in bed next time, and queen for a day treatment.

What about you mommies, how’s your Mother’s Day?

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