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Forever an Angel…I hope

The Princess celebrated her 5th birthday last Wednesday. It was her simplest so far given our tight budget. Honestly, I wasn’t even so sure if I can afford to give her her five wishes for this year. But luckily, I receive few dollars from this blog and my other blog so it turned out well.

Turning 5 is such a big thing around here. In most cases, parents would give their kids big parties to celebrate such milestone. I think that was the case in almost all of Ki’s classmate, so I was really worried that the Princess would want a big party as well.

Right after the Little Guy turned three, I started to set the Princess’ expectation on what we can afford for her birthday. I told her that we can’t have a big party like her classmates and we definitely can’t afford to invite Jollibee to visit her at school to greet her a happy birthday. I was really surprise how quick she agreed about it.

“Mom, we can just have my birthday at home. Just us.”

She was really calm and accepting. “But mommy, can I have 5 gifts?” I’m already 5 years old so I want 5 gifts.”

Okay, so it comes with a condition…lol! of course, why not.

Here’s her wishlist:

1. A new barbie because Bindy and Sharpay need a new friend.
2. Sunglasses because she needs to protect her eyes from the sun.
3. Cake with five candles because she needs to make a wish on her birthday.
4. A party hat because you need a party hat before you can blow your candles
5. Bubbles because it’s fun to make bubbles.

I’m definitely getting a good deal so YES to everything.

Wednesday came and the Princess was all business about the 5 gifts. We already bought her barbie and bubbles the weekend before, so we only need to shop for her cake, party hat and sunglasses.

I was expecting that she’ll be bargaining for an extra gift once we’re at the mall and I was ready to say yes since she’s been really good lately. But when I ask her if she wants to get another doll or anything, she only said, “No mommy, it’s okay. I only need my 5 gifts.”

As always, she’ll an angel!

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