Welcome 2014

So Many Things to Look Forward to in 2014

Before anything else, let me greet you all a Happy New Year!!!  2013 had been a great year for us that we can’t help but to look forward to a brighter 2014.  I hope you are all looking forward to this new year like us.

A look back into 2013

I finally met M!

I met M through an online job posting site back in the December of 2011 and it opened up an opportunity for me to work from home. Early last year, we finally got the chance to meet when she visited the country.  It was a fun encounter and though we had a lot of work to do, we didn’t forget to have fun.  Next time she visit, I have to make sure to take her around to the streets of Manila.

I started a new hobby!

Yup, I finally pick up my knitting needles and started knitting something. I was able to make jackets for the kids and several hats and haven’t stop since.  Of course, I’m also doing some crocheting in between so naturally, my yarn stash got bigger…Don’t tell the Hubby! I also discovered some great places to find yarns so I don’t have to worry were to get my supplies and tools.

Nanaygin.com went live last April!

Thanks to M, my blog finally found a new home and this time I decided to say goodbye with Pinaymomatwork and use nanaygin as my domain name.  I’ve gathered all posts from all the blogs that I’ve created before, active and dormant, and added them here.  It was refreshing reading through posts and remembering the years that had passed by since I became a mom.

Princess Ki started grade school!

The Princess finally started grade school and it’s not without difficulty.  Filipino, our very own language, proved to be a challenge for the Princess since it was introduced to her last year. She’s been speaking in English most part of her life because of all the English program that she watch on TV and online.  Though, we speak Tagalog at home, the fact that she is more exposed in English makes it harder for her catch up with her Filipino subjects.  She can actually read in both English and Tagalog now but there are just way too many Tagalog words that she doesn’t understand and needs interpretation. Of course, mommy has to work hard, too since she’s also not that great in Tagalog. Let’s work harder together, honey!

Hubby became a web developer!

He started learning to do websites 5 years ago and it’s finally paying off. Of course, I had to give him a little push to finally jump in the waters and now, he’s loving his new found career. He still works in our old company, so he’s doing 2 jobs right now.  I think, him finally doing the thing he likes most is the highlight of our 2013.  Opportunities had started opening up and life got a little better for all of us.  Horray, Hubby!

We’re ending the year positive, financially!

It was hard for us these past years. My decision to go home-based means giving up a third of our combined income while still paying up existing debts. But we finally manage to pay them all off and save up some emergency fund. We even manage to have some much needed leisure time with the kids during the holidays! It feels great to have one less thing to worry about!

Hello 2014

It’s been a long time since I felt this way about the new year.  That feeling of being grateful for all the blessing of the year and openly welcoming a new year with so much positivity.  The holidays was a full celebration with no reservation and fear of what to come after.  Hubby is especially happier.  Why not?  He worked really hard in 2013 and he’s finally seeing results from the 5 long years of learning and doing free sites. And yes, the kids and I reap all the benefits.  But I think that makes him even happier.

We are all growing steadily as a family and as individuals.  And for that, I am grateful.  Although, 2014 will be bringing a lot of challenges for us as we take on a step forward to reach our dreams, we are welcoming them with open arms.  We’ve also been lucky to have met a lot of great people in 2013 who had helped us in our journey.  Thank you to you all and I hope we’ll all have a great 2014!


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