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Happy Birthday Little Guy!!!

Yesterday was the Little Guy’s 2nd birthday. I was determine that I would make a video with his pictures and here’s what I’ve came up with…

The Princess also made a video for the Little Guy. She always do a birthday recording for us as her gift but this is the first time I’m posting one. The Little Guy was busy running around in the background here:

We didn’t go anywhere this year because the weather’s bad (and I’m not ready for another round of flu if we get caught in the rain) so I decided to do everything home style.

The Little Guy’s celebration was really small but I did managed to bake him a cake (my first attempt), cook Cordon Blue for lunch (another first) and Carbonara. Mykitchen never smelled this nice for a long time. LOL!

Image uploading is currently disabled here at Blogger so the pictures would have to wait for later.

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