Welcome 2013!

happy new year2012 was a busy and fun year.  The Little Guy started school, which means I now have two kids that I need to drag out of bed every morning.  The Princess, as always, was an angel; but the Little Guy is a different story.  Our mornings always start with me saying, “Good morning darling!  Time to wake up!” and him replying, “I want stay home! Go way!” We still have a few more weeks left of school and I can’t wait for Summer.

Financially, it was a tight one for us, but the fact that I’m nowhere near a coffee shop and too lazy to get out of the house, did help cut down a lot of our unnecessary expenses.  I’m happy to say that we survived with lesser debt in our name and a little in savings.  Thank you laziness!  Hopefully, in a few more months, we’ll be debt free and ready to travel (that is if we manage to get a bigger car).

Work is still wonderful.  Except for the fact that I gained a couple of pounds, everything is as I’ve hoped it to be!

13 for Luck

According to the stars, both eastern and western, this is going to be my year.  Well, true or not, I’m planning to take charge and make this year my year.  The first order of business is getting back into shape. No, I’m not talking about slimming down, though that would be great, too.  But I’m more concern about my health.  Although, I’m yet to suffer from any health issues, I do feel myself aging faster than I wish to be.  I need to get moving and I need to do it more often.  I think everything else would fall into place once I regenerate.

Welcome 2013 and Cheer to the New Year!

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