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He is That Daddy

In my previous post, I shared Paul Harvey’s thoughts on fatherhood. This time, I’m dedicating this post to that special man of our house – Hubby, the Daddy.

Daddy is that guy who is scared to be a dad because he doesn’t want to mess up someone’s life for being their father. But when he held his first child, his first words were, “Why did we wait this long to hold this baby.

Daddy is that guy who complains that there are just way too many expensive things a baby doesn’t need but doesn’t think twice spending for his kids.

Daddy is that guy who has very little patience with kids, but when can spend the whole day teaching his kids how walk and talk and read.

Daddy is that guy who is serious and tough. But he is also that clown that keeps the kids laughing.

Daddy is that guy who thinks that going to theme parks are waste of time but end up riding with his kids in all the rides.

To Princess Ki, Daddy is the driver. The guy who can take her anywhere she wishes to go and see all the wonderful places in this world. He is that guy that she can hold hands with when she’s afraid to explore the world.

To the Little Guy, Daddy is that guys who he needs to kiss and hug before he leaves in the morning and before he sleeps at night. He is that guy he can cuddle with when he’s cold.

Daddy is not a mommy. And he can’t do what mommy can do. But he is that daddy that no one can replace in our hearts. The guy that we eagerly wait to return home at night. The guy who completes good nights with his kiss. The guy we love calling Daddy!

Happy Birthday Hubby!


Happy Father’s Day!

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