He Took My Blogging Time and I’m Happy About It

morningWhen I was pregnant with the Little Guy, I promise myself that I’ll give him the exact same attention that I gave the Princess…Of course, as soon as I introduce the Little Guy to the Princess, I realized that raising him will definitely not be the same as the Princess.

Nope, we don’t have the luxury of being together uninterrupted on weekends. Nor can we go out together as easy as it used to be with me and Ki. And because I work long hour now, he often had to share me with his big sister when I’m home.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling guilty lately for missing so many things. To be exact, I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to do the exact same things I did for Ki–not enough pictures of the little guy, not enough mommy time with him, not enough blog about him, not enough rave about how well his doing. Just not enough of everything…

Then, I realized that there wasn’t really much to be guilty about…in terms of not blogging enough about him.

Why? Because the reason I don’t blog as much about him is because I always choose to be with him rather than sit in front of the computer and blog. There have been many instances that I would start writing a post and ended up not finishing it because the Little Guy wants mommy. He sort of figured out that the perfect time to have mommy all to himself is around 4 or 5 in the morning, just before his Ate (big sister) wakes up. Of course that happens to be my ME time and blogging time but what the heck…let him have it! I can always find another time to be by myself.

Its noon right now and the kids are napping…I’m squeezing in as much of my writing now before they wake up. Hopefully, I’ll figure out a new schedule for myself because I really miss blogging…and my reading time… =)

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