Cheers to Us!


Finally, everything is now in place!  I’m talking about this blog, of course.  All the content (at least those I can’t let go) from my previous blogs are now here.  As for the theme, well it would have been better if the Hubby, who now develops WordPress sites, can create one for me.   But seeing him juggle 2 jobs at the moment, I think it would be best to wait for a while.

Little Hoorays!

The kids are such angels, lately.  Getting ready for school is a breeze, assignments are all done in time and they have been great help around the house.  I’m also happy to announce that our living room now looks like a leaving room instead of a toy storage area.

Big Hooray!

The Hubby is now part of our team as our web developer.  It’s been 3 years since the Hubby started doing web programming and after 2 years of leisure programming and friendly favors, he’s finally getting paid for this skills.  Of course, I had to push him into it, but I think it’s worth it since now, we have some extra going into our savings and a much clearer plan for the future.

Hoping for more hooray…

In other news, big changes are about to happen in the near future.  Hubby and I have agreed to mobilize the last stage of his 5-year plan — will tell you more once I get things more organized.  I’m currently busy doing some studies and gathering all the data we need to make it happen and we’re crossing out finger that we can push it through to the end.  And no I’m not talking about a third child!


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