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Buwan ng Wika: DIY Costume Take 2

It’s Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month) again, and as usual, the kids had to go to school in their national costumes. I was originally planning to sew a Southern inspired clothing but before I knew it, I only have a day left to get her costume ready. Good thing I saved Ki”s igorot costume from last year.


To change it a bit, I used white shirt.  This time, I crochet strips of red, white and black strip on the neck line and sleeves.  I also added a crochet bracelet and what use to be her headdress has been converted to a bracelet as well.  Tadan!  An entirely new look!

Igorot Costume

I did some temporary stitching on the scarf to turn it to a skirt.  I can use it as a scarf again after this.  For knitters/crocheter, if you have enough time, you can probably make the entire costume instead of using a scarf. If you want to know how I did the previous one, the step by step guide is here.

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