Is She Ready for School


Princess Ki had been asking about school since she turned 3 and well, I’m not sure if she’s really ready…

She does know a lot of things.

  • She knows her ABC. She can recite and sing them well. She can recognize them and write some them (though not too well).
  • She can count from 1-20 in 3 languages
  • She can name a lot of animals and objects.
  • She knows shapes and colors.
  • She sings really well and knows a lot of action songs.

…but is she ready to go to school, emotionally and socially speaking?

I honestly don’t know and we’re trying to find out. I’m going to a preschool near of house tomorrow to inquire. I heard they have summer classes for young kids like Ki.  It’s like a trial school before deciding to put her to school come the start of the next school year.

She’s always saying that she likes to go to school and would even pretend that she is going to school together with her dolls. But I think, she thinks that teacher mommy and teacher lola (grandma) would still be her teacher at school, so it’ll be very interesting to see how she’ll react once she finds out that that’s not the case….

This is going to be a big milestone for us…after the potty thing. Wish us luck!

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