It’s Summer Already!

Summer TimeSoooo hot! Summer is definitely on and I can’t wait for the Princess’ classes to end.  One more week!  One more week and finals would be over! 

Honestly, I kind of think it’s crazy that we’re even worrying about her finals really.  She’s 5, in Kinder, and studying for her finals?  Really, how serious could it be?  And why, oh why is this purposed Montessori-type school more focus on exam and rankings?  My thoughts on Ki’s education will be a whole to topic to explore so let’s move on.  Right now, I’m drill holes in my brain trying to remember all the teaching skills I’m supposed to have acquired back in college when I took all those education subjects are effective…lol!

But back to the subject of Summer, it’s so hot in here that we’ve all been itching to go out of town and spend a day (or two) at the beach.  I actually tried coaxing the Hubby to take us last Saturday, but he’s serious about getting all the renovations done as soon as possible, so the kids have to content swimming in a overly large basin by out terrace.  Poor me, I couldn’t fit in so I just watched as the kids jump and splash in the water. 

“Hubby, can you include a bathtub in your renovation list?”

Anyway, summer is still early so there’s still a lot of opportunity for us.  I’m smiling right now, as I type that last sentence.  A year ago I wouldn’t dare promise the kids that we’re going somewhere and here I am now making plans.  lol!

I was browsing through our pictures from previous summers and our last trip to the beach was 3 years ago.  Ki was only 2 then and I’m still carrying the Little Guy in my womb.  I think I’m just in my first trimester in that picture.

We did have a few travels and pool fun here and there after that.  Thanks to friends and families who love to celebrate special events during the summer.  But an actual planned vacation?  No, we haven’t have that since the Little Guy was born.  We’re too caught up with our work then, plus the kids seems too young that it’s more stressful for me and the Hubby to take them, so the recent summer years have been very uneventful for us.

Here’s a picture of the kids in the pool.


The Little Guy’s first and only pool experience thus far. I really have to make up to him.

I think this is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually noticed summer this early.  It’s probably the tan that I just got from working at our terrace.  Hubby has one too, so everyone’s asking if we actually did take a trip to the beach already. haha!  Lots of sunshine’s also getting in the house so it’s really bright around here.  Hard not to notice how warm (more like hot) the weather has been this past few days.

I need to get started with our summer to do list now.  I’m sure it’ll be busy household once the Princess starts her summer vacation.

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