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Have you ever had that moment when you have this stuff you want to write about, then you start doing outline, a little research, cropping photos…a little of this and that and the next thing you know your post had been sitting in your draft box for months, years even.

Well, that’s what’s been happening here.  I’m not really sure when it all started – the need to be more informative, more detailed, more entertaining, more…of everything as if people expect it.  That need to sound great in case someone find this blog?  LOL!  What was I think!


Right now, I suddenly had the impulse to write for MYSELF.  Not to the future readers who just happen find this blog, though I’m really grateful for your time. Oh, and my apologies for the impulsive ranting.

Back to regular programming

Random Thought No. 1 – I survived my first gout attack.

It was painful as hell and knock me out of my not so healthy lifestyle.  It’s crazy since I consider myself to be very meticulous when it comes to my kids’ health. Obviously, I forgot about my own well-being.

I had to endure a month-long pain in both my hands, mostly my index fingers which ofcourse made everyday chores a struggle.  A total diet overhaul was needed and boy, I’m starving!  It’s been eating nothing but salad and freshly squeeze lemon and calamansi for the past 2 weeks, now.  I don’t really mind but it’s hard when you have to cook meals that you can’t eat…

The only upside to all it is I actually lost some weight in the process.  And since I’m feeling a lot better physically, I’m thinking of going back to jogging again.  I used to jog with the Princess when we first more here but stopped when things got busy. I guess it high time to start moving again.

Random Thought No. 2 – I’m giving smartphones a second chance

I used to own one about 3 years ago but when it broke, I realized I don’t really have any use of it so I settled with a basic call and text phone.  Then Hubby got an Ipad and I found myself using it more often than him.  LOL!

Random Thought No. 3 – We did a homeschooling trial last week

Homeschooling is something that I’ve always been curious about.  But going that route is a big commitment, so I can’t just pull the kids out of school and start homeschooling without thoroughly planning about it.  Last week, the kids got a break from school and well, I decided to schedule our days like I’m homeschooling them using their school lessons and assignments.  The kids were more cooperative than I imagine and I think I was more productive with my chores and home-based work as well.

I asked the kids about what they think of studying at home with mommy instead of going to school, and they said they would rather continue going to school.   Ouch!  I think they’ve grown attached to their friends there, but they were willing to let mommy be the extra-curricular teacher.

Well, that’s it for me and my random thoughts.  I feels great to not over think and just write.  Now, I have to get back on my other writings…the one that pays the bill.  I think I should stop over-think that one, too.


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