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Kids’ Day Out

We went to Eastwood last Saturday for Ki’s pre-birthday fun. Hubby’s team will be having a Christmas party that night and I thought it would be a good excuse to take the kids out.

I knew it was going to be a fun day, but of course with both kids overly excited about the trip, we are bound to meet a few challenges throughout the day.

Our first challenge came way too early. A few second before the taxi reach our stop, the Little Guy threw up…on ME. I was ready for them to get messy and had packed 2 sets of clothes for them, but I never really expect I’ll be the one needing some changing.  I was so worried that he might throw up on the taxi seats that I literally catch everything on my shirt.  As soon as we got out, Hubby and the Princess run to the nearest shop to get me a new shirt while I change the Little Guy.

After changing, we’re off for lunch. Of course, the Little Guy, again kept everyone on alert mode. We had to watch his every move as he insist to do everything on his own. He really had become a handful since he turned 3. Good thing the Princess is behaving nicely that day or I’ll probably take them back home then and there. I guess she knew what the consequence is if mommy loses her temper. LOL!

The Hubby needs to meet up with his guys before the party, so after lunch he left the three of us to wander on our own. We went straight to the arcade for some games. That’s what the Princess have been waiting for since we left the house and she knew her way around the arcade, so to the play pen she run.   Unfortunately, the old play pen with the big yellow slide is no longer there, so the kids had to settle with the car rides.


 The kids tried a lot of games but bowling still remains their favorite. The Little Guy was also tall enough to reach the kiddie air hockey table, so both kids decided to have a match.


After the arcades, we decided to do some window shopping. There’s still 2 hours before the party so there’s plenty of time to kill. While looking around, the Princess spotted some barbies – gift no. 1 on her birthday gift. I knew she’ll be able to wait until her birthday to get her gifts, but I decided to give her one that day. She was so well behave that she deserve an early present.

As soon as we paid for the doll, the Princess begged to go home with an excuse that she’s already tired. In other words, she can’t wait to play with her new doll. The Little Guy, on the other hand, seems genuinely tired since he missed his afternoon nap. Obviously, it’ll be difficult to enjoy any party now, so I decided to skip it and take the kids home. Anyway, it’ll be better for the Hubby to go on his own, in case they decided to have a few drinks.

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