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Ki’s First Field Trip

Last October 16 was Princess Ki’s first ever field trip. She doesn’t really know what a field trip is and I don’t think she cares to know. All she cares, and is excited about, is she’ll be with mommy for one whole day.

The trip started out really early. I think I was too worried that I won’t be able to get up on time to prepare our food that I ended up waking up every hour the night before the trip. The result: I fell asleep as soon as the bus moved…

Our first stop is the Rainforest Park in Pasig. It’s a public park were people go to unwind or do some exercise. In it you’ll find a mini-zoo, several basketball and tennis courts, swimming pool, picnic area and walking trails. It’s really is a nice place for families to go to without spending much.

I did a lousy job taking pictures because I was too busy containing the Princess’ excitement after seeing the park’s train, so here’s some much better picture of the place from flickr. I also found this nice article about the place.

When Hubby and I used to live near the Pasig area, I often tell him that we should go here to exercise. Of course, being both lazy especially on weekends, we never did go. lol!

Next stop as the AFP Museum…


I don’t think this is a good place to go to when you’re with a 3 year old. The inside of the museum is filled with authentic-absolutely-must-not-touch-no-picture-please-you’ll-pay-big-time-if-you-damage-anything things. To top it all, the Princess is scared of mannequins all dress up as soldiers. During the entire tour, she had her eyes close while holding onto my neck tightly.  Imagine, 20 minutes of walking while carrying a 15kg kid…I thought my arms would fall off.  She did lighten up when we went outside to check out the tanks and planes.

The trip got a lot better on our third stop, which is the Museo Pambata. I always wanted to take the kids here. It has a lot of interactive rooms that teaches kids about the human body, nature, our culture and so much more. The Princess had so much fun and tried out everything…almost.  She was too scared to try walking into the giant mouth as the entrance. LOL!

Museong Pambata
The last stop was Star City. This amusement park is pretty famous here in Manila, but I have to admit that this is my first time here. For some reason, I always have something else to do when friends and family invite me to come with them there. lol! Anyway, there are so many awesome reasons to go to Star City, but Princess Ki fell in love with Tyke Play Area, so we were there for most part of our stay. It was also raining, so going out to see the big rides were out of the question. But no matter, the Princess definitely had her fun. You can tell from the pictures

All in all, it was a great trip and mommy-daughter bonding for us. Of course my body was aching all-over since I haven’t moved/walked this much for a long time, but it was really fun and a memorable first for us!

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