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Play Time, Clay Time

My supply paper for the kids’ artworks are quickly disappearing and my specialty papers (the one I use for my scrapbooks) are in danger of getting rip or shred to pieces…Before that happen, I decided to head over to the nearest bookstore for supplies and stumble upon some clays.  Thinking that it’ll be less messier letting them play with clay (not really), I decided to buy some.

The Princess quickly jump in and started creating things with the clay.  Her first creation…Pocoyo talking on the phone and sporting a rose headdress…

Pocoyo in Clay

Then we move on to making Pato…I did the body and the Princess work on the details.

Pato in clay

…not bad for a first-timer is you ask me.

I’m a little concern whether the Little Guy is old enough to play with clay, but it’s hard to stop him from imitating his sister.  While he work, I constantly check his hands and make sure he doesn’t try to put his hands on his mouth.  That got him irritated to he stopped and just watched his sister afterwards.


Why let kids play with clay

If you’re child is the same age as Ki, playing with clay is a great way to keep them busy while to do housework nearby. And your child can benefit from it:

  • It promotes creativity in children.
  • It helps improve eye-hand coordination.
  • It’s a relaxing and calming activity for kids

For little one’s like the Little Guy, it might be better to start him with Play-Doh. It dries up into crumbles so if he decided to sandwich it between his toys, you’ll be able to remove it later on. For the older kids the modeling clay is better, in my opinion, since it hold form better and doesn’t dry out. You just have to be careful where they’ll play with it since it’s usually oil-based.

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