Missing Each Other

Ithe Hubbyf there’s one thing I never considered about me quitting my job, it’s how it would be for Hubby without me by his side at work.

You see, we’ve work together for more than 9 years in the same company.  We go to work together, eat lunch together, vent our frustrations at each other, and share ideas about work, every single day.  But now that I’m not around, he doesn’t have anyone there to talk to.  Well, at least not someone who can relate and understand him the way I do.  We are what you call oddballs when in come to doing our job.  We often do thing differently (unconventionally), especially him, and our colleagues doesn’t always see things the way we do, so we basically don’t mingle much unless we need to walk to them about business…

I can understand how hard it could be for him.  He is doing the exact same thing that we’ve been doing for the past 9 years minus me.  No more me sitting beside him as he drive us to work.  No more me to have lunch with or coffee breaks.  No more impromptu dates…well, maybe we can still do that last one.  But most of all no more me across the table while we’re both busy working.

Ok, now I’m missing it too…Well, I’ve been missing our habits and rituals since day 1.  It’s just that it’s easier for me to be less sentimental since I’m around long-time friends at my new work, and everything around me is new.

It really is funny how sad we are about no longer being together 24/7.  I wonder how it would be when the day comes that he actually needs to fly to the US to work there…lol!

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