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I’ve been meaning to blog about my new hobby – knitting.  Though, I bought my first knitting needle a year ago, it wasn’t until December that I actually got the chance (well, more of need) to learn how to.  The thing is, the kids needed new sweaters and I can’t find one that I like and at the same time cheap.  So, I decided I’m gonna knit them myself instead.

I was confident that it’s going to be easy to learn how to knit and it was.  Basic knitting and purring instructions are available everywhere and so are simple patterns to follow.  Of course, when I finally found a pattern to follow, I realized that 1) I have the wrong knitting needle and 2) I have the wrong yarn…now what?

Finding some yarns is not much of a problem.  I can always go to Divisoria for some local yarns.  The most popular brands I found there were Red Heart and Eagle.  There are probably other brands but I didn’t pay much attention to them.  Another place to go is Rosario, Pasig.  There are several stalls near the bridge that sells yarns by bulk and they are really cheap.  National Bookstore and SM Department stores also carry a few yarns in their craft section but they are cost twice as much compared to the other 2 places I mentioned.  I also heard that there’s a place called Dreams in Glorietta 5 that sells a wide variety of yarns including imported ones.  I haven’t tried  going…in fear that I might go crazy. LOL!  There is also an online store that I found just recently, Yarn Manila.  I been looking through their stuff but again, I’m holding off buying anything since I might end up with too many yarns than I can handle.

As for the needles, well some are available in the shops I mentioned above, but unfortunately I can’t bring myself to buy any right now.  I have a tendency to go overboard with my hobbies so I’m refraining from indulging myself until I actually need them.  So for now, I have to find a way to make do with my 4mm needles and whatever yarns I have in the box.

Anyways, just like with my crochet, I decided to just work with what I have and just make adjustments here and there.  If things turn out well, then maybe I’ll reward myself with a yarn shopping spree. :)

Knitter SweaterAfter a few tries, I finally finish my first project last month with this sweater for the Little Guy.  As you can see, it’s the Princess doing the modelling for me.  The Little Guy claims that the arms are too long and the sweater itself is too big for him so he refuse to try it on.  Well, the fact that it fits the Princess means that he’s right.

The whole thing is just made of garter pattern which as it turns out, makes the piece thicker.  It also eats up a lot of yarn so it was heavier than I wanted it to be.  In the end, none of the kids want this sweater — the Princess wants a pink sweater so even thought this fits her, she doesn’t want it.  Well, at least it turns out nicely.  I did missed a few stitches here and there and joining the yarns is still a problem, but not bad for a beginner.  I did decided to redo the whole thing.  The new version is still in the works, so I’ll show you that one in a week or so.

Knitted Pink SweaterSince the cold weather is just about over, I quickly started with the Princess’ sweater.  I decided to try stockinette and ribbing this time and used crochet yarns instead.  I had a lot of pink crochet yarns, so I figure this is a good way to use them.
I had to combine 3 yarns to make the thread thicker and easier to work with using a 4mm.  Everything is just stockinette except for the edges which were 2k2p ribbing.

I think the Princess was very happy with the finish product and I am too. :)

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