My Very Own Kiddie Birthday Party

How was Valentine for you? Mine just passed by like it was a normal day except for that heavy traffic in Eastwood. It seems every couple booked a restaurant in this area and the place is jam packed with cars. But it, being a normal day, is nothing to be sad about for me since the day after is my birthday and that’s when Hubby usually surprise me or grant my wish.

A few days before my birthday, Hubby was asking if I still want to spend my day in a spa like I normally like, but since I really want to spend that day with the kids, I decided to thrown myself a kiddie party instead. So along with the Princess and the Little Guy, we head to Fun Ranch for a whole day of playing. The Princess is obsessed with slides lately and the Little Guy loves climbing and jumping, so both are just too happy to be here.

We arrived at the place just before noon and since Fun Ranch doesn’t open till 12 noon, we decided to have lunch first. Of course, the kids were against it and would like to head straight to the play area.


After our rushed lunch, the kids run over to the nearest slide and started playing.



It actually took some convincing to get them away from the outside play area to go to Active Fun. The Princess was ready to throw a tantrum until she saw the inside play area.


Here’s some more photo of that day.








It’s been a week now since that fun day and the Princess is still talking about it until now. She keeps saying how fun my birthday was and how she wish her next birthday will be just as fun.

She even drew several pictures of the of us playing and has been bragging about her adventure to her grandma. LOL!

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