My Writer’s Block Dilemma

For years, writing a new post in this blog (and my other blogs) has been a struggle.  At first, I thought it was just the lack of time.  I am mom of two and was working full-time, so there’s always something else to do than updating this site.   I was, after all, able to write for others when I had to.  So maybe this is not a writer’s block?

Since I’ve changed job in 2011 and again this year, time shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Still not enough posts here and elsewhere (except probably in my clients blogs).  So it got me thinking, why it is so hard to write for my own blog?  What’s causing this writer’s block?

Mike Rose defines writer’s block as “an inability to begin or continue writing for reasons other than lack of basic skill or commitment”

I may not be such a great writer but I think I have enough of the basic skills to get by.  Beginning something is not really much of a problem for me, either.  Continuing? Definitely.  I found over a 100 starter post in my computer and several drafts in my dashboard waiting for me to review and published.  Then there’s my idea notepad that I’m keeping with a lot of topics and references to use.

So, what’s stopping me from publishing any of them?

I tried to recall why I ended up not publishing them and a few reasons that came to mind are: wanting to edit them again, can’t seems to end it or needing to add more to the post.  Then I would end up forgetting about them as I attend to other matter.

There’s also this concern on what I can and can’t write.  I don’t want to offend people or sound judgmental.  I wanted to share my experiences but fear that I don’t have enough to share.  I wanted to speak up but not sure if it’s worth.  I wanted to engage people but I feel my content won’t be able to…

Oh, there’s also the thing about style, format, presentation…Am I doing it correctly?  Probably not…

Even as I write this particular post, the critic in my brain is constantly bugging me telling me to change this and that.  To add something here and there.  That’s I’m not following this tips I read about in this so and so site.  I’m exhausting myself with all this thoughts when all I wanted was to write about this writer’s block in an attempt to break free.

I found this quote while reading about writer’s block,

“There is no such thing as writer’s block for writers whose standards are low enough.” –William Stafford

The article tells how William, through this quote, encourages writer’s to let go and forget judgement, both from others and oneself.  I, for one, is my biggest critic which did nothing for me but discourage me from writing spontaneously and freely.

Yesterday, I did my best to just publish something.  It was a rant but it was a published rant, and on a topic that I never even dare mention in my friends in FB and probably won’t interest anyone.  That’s a start.  Today, I’m talking about my writer’s block.  Tomorrow, who knows…but I’m making  it my mission to not let another month pass before writing something new.

If you landed here looking for tips on overcoming writer’s block, maybe this article might help.

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