Couple Working in the Same Company: Does it work?

IMG_1211I’ve mention before that hubby and I work in the same company, right? That makes us together almost 24 hours a day, everyday. Some of our colleagues think that it’s weird, and tells us that they probably won’t be able to stand it if their spouses were with them all the time. Well, we’ve been like this for 8 years (add 2 more years as friends at work before that), so we really don’t know how it is to work apart. But I do agree that there are couples that can’t work together in the same company. They seem to have too many issues just because they see each other TOO MUCH. Is that possible?

Anyway, I tried looking at how we’ve been for the last 8 years. It wasn’t easy…some (maybe most) of our relationship problems did came from us being in the same work place. But we did manage to survive…and we’re still surviving.

Just to give you an idea, here are a few issues that hubby and me have faced over the years:

Dealing with promotions

Because we work in the same company, it’s hard to avoid competing for the same position and bonus incentives. The incentive part is easy…it doesn’t matter who gets it; both will definitely gain from it. But in the case of promotion, it’s a little harder…It’s always half-and-half. The winner is happy but can’t have to be a little sensitive for the other’s feeling. The loser is sad but have to try to be happy for the other.

Also, one’s promotion often have a direct effect on the others position at work. You see, in our company, couples are not allowed to have a superior-subordinate relationship. So, when a promotion will cause us to have this type of relationship, the promoted is often assign to handle a different team or if it’s totally unavoidable, the would-be subordinate is automatically transferred.

Honestly, the first few promotions were hard to deal with. But eventually, after we’ve experience being in both ends of the spectrum, things became easier.

Keeping it professional

This one is a bit hard to deal with. I will be the first to admit that there are times that I wish hubby would side on me all the time, which ofcourse is not possible. And when he does disagree with me, I try to tell myself this is not personal. He is simple airing his view, which happens to be different from mine. But little devils in my head are saying: Can’t you let the others disagree with me and just shut up?

How to solve this? Well, we learned to agree to disagree. After all, management has the final say. We just have to present our sides the best we could. If we’re lucky, they’ll let us handle our jobs the way we want. No need to argue.

Another thing about work related arguments, never bring it at home. We always settle work-related matter at work and forget about it at home. If we do talk about work at home, it’s mostly about one needing the other’s assistance/expertise.

Seeing and knowing too much about each other’s work environment

Hello! You work together. You know who’s who at work so when Ms Flirt is talking to too close to hubby, chances are you’ll get jealous. We rarely have to deal with this now…but our friends at work love to try us every now and then.

Couple Treatment

This one is a little harder to deal with since we have no control about how our colleagues wish to treat us. But it’s also the most irritating issue to deal with. Some of them think that just because you’re a couple, you know everything that’s going on in each others department and that you can easily get information/things in there. Well, maybe so…but we do have work ethics. Let’s follow the procedure please.

Despite these disadvantages, we do enjoy a lot of perks for working in the same company. Here’s some of them:

  • Working in the same company can be very economical. We save a lot on transportation, sharing lunch and free vacations.
  • You get to date a lot. Lunch, dinner and simple coffee break can be a wonderful time with hubby.
  • You both know how each other’s day went so at the end of the day, you know what the other needs. Plus, you know when not to argue…hehe!
  • You have a lot of things talk about.
  • You share common friends (or a tleast you know each other’s friends) so attending social functions are never awkward.
  • Scheduling family vacation is also lot easier.

So to answer my question, I would say YES it can work. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to let your co-employees, employer, or clients knew about your relationship, or keep it a secret. What’s important is you both maintain your work and your personal relationship apart. At home, you’re a husband/wife first, and maybe colleagues second. But at work, your colleagues always.

Also, I must say based on experience that this is not for everyone. Some, no matter how hard they try, can’t make it work. They were either colleagues or a couple but never both.

Nice One Hubby

Nanaygin FaviconJust have to blog this,

Me: Daddy (hubby), is my face look smoother?
Hubby: Nope…why
Me: (Disappointed) Nothing!
Hubby: It’s already smooth. How smoother can it get?

Haha! Very smooth babe…love the answer.

On a side note

Ki finally decided to ride her bike, and Hubby, who was a little sad about Ki’s refusal to ride it at first, is so proud.  She can actually make it run on her own.


Now, we just have to keep her from running straight to the furniture or in this case the wall.


I’m Pampering Myself, Finally!

I totally forgot to post this…

Two week ago, I finally got a haircut and a pedicure. Horay! The haircut was 8 months and probably 200++ bottles of conditioner overdue. And my hair is so uncared for that the hairstylist and his assistants keep asking me if I like to have other treatments. I admit, my hair’s a mess but it doesn’t really bother me before since I always put it up in a bun. And I rarely look at the mirror.  Anyways, I said no to hot oil, and hair spa and Hellll NO to rebonding…and promise them that I’ll contact them again after I give birth to Toki (with fingers crossed).

While they blow dry my hair, trying to make it really straight, I had my toes done. Now, getting a pedicure is something I haven’t done in a long time.  As in LOOOONG! I keep telling myself that I’ll get a home service, or I’ll do it myself, or better yet, have the whole package (foot massage, eyespa and pedicure). But I never had any of it till now. Finally, I have a decent toes to show off again. Bring out the sandals!

Oh, since hubby was kind enough to run around the mall with Ki, I also got my eyebrows threaded. This is the first time I had it professionally done and shhhhhisssss, IT HURTS!!!

Here’s a picture of my brows a week later minus the redness and whiteness. Apologies for the oiliness…

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart

Have you heard about the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart? When I was pregnant with Ki in 2006, another pregnant colleague introduce me to this chart. It’s supposed to be an ancient chart that predicts the baby’s sex based on the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception and the conception month. Some claim that this chart is 90++% accurate though others claim it to be just 50-50.

With Ki, it was right on target…but with my current, it’s a little harder to tell. You see, my age at the time of conception is questionable…I turned a year older that month so I’m not sure which age to use. Seeking Mr. Google’s help, I found out that there are certain calculations to get one’s actual lunar age, which is not clearly explained in any sites that I went to. Anyways, since it’s supposedly for fun, I decided to use the chart (screenshot below) I used with Ki and guess what, if I’m 28 I’ll be having a girl. If 29, it’ll be a boy. Haha!
Since, I love to site-hop, I also managed to find another version of this chart. In this one, I’ll be having a boy whether I’m 28, 29, 30 or 31. More haha to myself. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a boy or a girl. I just want to know my baby’s sex…so I can move on to my shopping list…dang that ultrasound result!

What the….

Nanaygin FaviconWell, the ultrasound result was…ok. two hands, two legs, as the technician describe it. The position is breech and the sex is hard to determine coz the feet is blocking the view. WHAT? I was lying there for a full 30 minutes and that’s all they can say!

Here’s the thing, the doctor who was holding the scanner is sort of an intern (I’m a university hostipal, btw)…who took forever…ok, maybe just a little longer than normal to find my baby’s parts….then afterwards, the actual doctor comes in and asked her what she saw…and check if it was right.

Oral exam ba ito?

I wouldn’t have mind if they’d only give me my moment. You know the usual here’s your baby’s feet…and that the mouth…can you see her nose? But at the end of it all, the doctor just told me my kid have two arms and two legs and the feet is blocking the view of his/her organ…oh, please wait outside for the result. Kainis ha!

The pictures didn’t help much…they hand me the result an hour later with 3 snapshots of my baby with all of it looking like the baby’s back. Next time, I’m not gonna have my ultrasound there. Kainis talaga!

Anyways, I lost half a kilo this month which was weird considering that I’m eating a lot lately. Dear Husband corrected me on this, claiming that I just ordered more but don’t actually finish them. He’s the one left with so much food to eat. Maybe…

The doctor said I shouldn’t worry and I’m not. It will probably be the same as my first…little or no weight gain till 6 months. Then, when the baby comes he/she will be 8 point-something lbs. I just have to keep on eating healthy food and not to forget my vitamins. Have I mentioned that I have so much vitamins to take? Well, I do. I’m currently taking a multivit (once a day), an iron supplement (once a day) and calcium supplement (3x a day). And they’re huge!

Baby’s heartbeat is ok though it was hard to get a decent reading on the fetal doppler. The doctor explained that my placenta is in front of my tummy so it’s sound is interfering with the sound of the baby’s heartbeats. Something like that.

Anyway, I probably just have to wait for the next check-up…

Week 20 – We’re Halfway There!

Nanay Gin June 2008We’ve reached the halfway mark…already?

Haha!!! I’m not sure if my coolness about this is because of experience or I’m just neglecting Baby #2 a.k.a. Toki. Either way, Toki is not about to let me ignore him (or her). The kick started 3 weeks ago but when I told this to my OB, she thinks that it’s still too early to feel anything and that it must be something else…hummp, thanks a lot!

Basta, I think its a kick. Anyway, week after week, the movements became frequent and now, it a regular thing. I’m still not doing any kick count but I do try to encourage him (her) to move whenever I feel he’s (she’s) been a little too quiet.

Note to self: Ultrasound schedule on Saturday. Not that I’ll forget. I’m too excited to find out about the sex…then we can really start preparing for the baby.