Pinterest-inspired Crochet Projects

Pinterest Inspired Crochet ProjectsJust when I thought I didn’t have the time to crochet…I ended up making a few last month. Well, some were old projects that has been waiting for me to finish while others are impromptu work I did as gifts to the little one’s classmates. I guess they have a lot of friends who celebrated their birthdays last month. LOL!

And by the way, I got all the ideas from Pinterest.

Brown and Pink Girly Blanket

Girly BlanketInspired by this pin, this blanket is my biggest project to-date at 36 x 70 inches.  I originally planned to make a bed cover but I realized that I’ll be wasting too much yarn to create the back part.

If you compare the two, you’ll notice that the only thing that I actually followed was the colors (almost)  the the stitch and the pattern is different and no, I wasn’t able to add the flowers since the Princess was too excited to use it already.

It matches her bear anyway, so she was fine with it. And we found another use for it aside from being a blanket. It makes an excellent wrap-around scarf.

Crochet Dress and HatHere’s a closer look at the bear sitting on the blanket with it’s complete clothes and accessories. The dress is made of two separate pieces – a blouse and a jumper dress.  I should have taken a picture of each pieces to show the details…lol!

The hat, I made long ago (around summer time).  Back then, the Princess only wanted a hat since the bear already have a big ribbon around her neck. The dress was added just recently, since according to the Princess it’s too cold for Pinky to be going around naked.

The bag, obviously doesn’t go with the entire look.  It’s for a different doll altogether, but the Princess insisted that it looks best with her bear.

Amigurumi Phone Accessories

Once a upon a time, I thought I could make big money making crochet phone accessories.  Of course, as it turns out, I can only do a couple a day so it’s not exactly a good idea relay on it as my sole source of income.  Year later, my sister is still convince that it could be a hit, so every now and then she would show off some of my work and get orders.  Here’s a few request we got last month:

Again, this are all ideas from Pinterest.  You can check out my Amigurumi board for some inspiration.  Some have free patterns that you can copy but it most cases they are pretty easy to recreate by just looking at the pictures.  The owl idea I actually got from this pin of a baby hat.  But there are many owl pattern that you can find out there.

Flower Hair Accessories

Flower Hair AccessoriesThese I make regularly since they make a nice birthday gift for little girls. We’ve been giving these as gifts since the Princess was in Kinder and they are still a hit till now. The flowers can be attached to an elastic or glued in a plain hair band.

I especially love giving these to babies, since they’re soft and won’t hurt the baby’s head even when laying down.

It’s also easy to modify. You can add more petals to it to increase the size of the flower or you can even put staffing in the petals if you like.  Here’s the inspiration for this project.


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