Poor by Choice?

Missing Each OtherWhenever I sit outside this particular coffee shop near our office, there is this old lady who would always come and beg for spare coins from every costumer sitting at that time. And every time she does it, the baristas or security guards would ask her leave and not to come back. But sure enough, she’ll be there again the next day, begging.

Is this it for her? Don’t they have any other choice? I really want to ask that. Not just to her, but also to that 40-something man who is regularly begging just across the street and all those people who seems strong enough to work but begging daily instead. I don’t want to judge them, but it does make me wonder…

Although I feel their pain, there is one thing that bugs me? It’s not that they are begging for alms…but it’s the fact that they do it every day like it’s their regular job. Why?

I kind of have this belief that no matter how hard life could get, you can always do something about it. As long as you have the willingness and determination, everything is possible, no matter how lowest of low you are in. Often times, when I share this view, people would tell me that I would never understand their situation because I have a lot of options to choose from, given my education and skills. If I was older, unskilled, uneducated and hungry, I would probably sing a different tune, they said.

Maybe…but still, I can’t help but wonder that maybe some people are poor by choice…

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Nanay Gin

Nanay Gin is a mom of 2, a loving yet crazy wife, wannabe writer, lazy crafter and deprived cook. After quitting her day job to take care of her kids, she now work for an SEO firm - managing websites content, monitoring social channels, and doing online research.