Potty Trained in 2 Days

Potty trained in 2 daysI really thought it’ll be tough teaching the Little Guy to pee and potty but to my surprise, it only took us 2 days and 1 poop accident.

So Saturday, I realized that I forgot to buy some diaper and seeing that their not enough to last the day, I decided to take him off the diaper and let him wear an underwear. Of course, I’m prepared for the worst and I’ve already noted the time he usually poop.  The whole day I keep watch and ask him if he feels like peeing or pooping.

The whole weekend’s a never ending questioning of whether he wants to pee or poop.  I think the Little Guy got a bit annoyed at my constant questioning but he did remember to go to the bathroom to pee and poop.  Well, the poop didn’t make it to the potty the first time but that the only mishap we had.  He even remember how to lift his short so me can pee standing up.

This week, we only had to put diaper during bedtime but it’s been dry until morning since the Little Guy seems to got used to peeing in the bathroom now.  That’s about 800 pesos (almost $20) saving a month for us from now on.  It’s a great timing too, since the Little Guy will be turning 3 a month for now.

My Little Guy is turning into a big boy now.  He wanted to do everything on his own and would refuse any help until he already tried and failed for several times.

“NO-NO-NO!  GO-GO-GO!”  Little Guy would shout to shoo us away whenever we try to help him.

If his big sister is allowed to do things on her own, he has to do them on his own too.

He also has a few tricks for the camera lately.  Looking at the pictures, it’s really obvious how big he is now…



I’m pretty sure he’s looking forward to his 3rd birthday this October because he’ll be big enough to be allowed to use those big slides in Active Fun.

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