Nanay Gin June 2008

Week 20 – We’re Halfway There!

Nanay Gin June 2008We’ve reached the halfway mark…already?

Haha!!! I’m not sure if my coolness about this is because of experience or I’m just neglecting Baby #2 a.k.a. Toki. Either way, Toki is not about to let me ignore him (or her). The kick started 3 weeks ago but when I told this to my OB, she thinks that it’s still too early to feel anything and that it must be something else…hummp, thanks a lot!

Basta, I think its a kick. Anyway, week after week, the movements became frequent and now, it a regular thing. I’m still not doing any kick count but I do try to encourage him (her) to move whenever I feel he’s (she’s) been a little too quiet.

Note to self: Ultrasound schedule on Saturday. Not that I’ll forget. I’m too excited to find out about the sex…then we can really start preparing for the baby.

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