Pregnancy Week 24 – Tok in a Cob

cobWell, I’m now 24 weeks pregnant according to my ticker. As baby center illustrate it, Tok would probably be about as big as a corn, now. His/her movements are more noticeable–stronger and more frequent. And he/she seems to love to hit that gash below my abdomen. The one that I got when I gave birth to Ki via c-section. Ouch!

I’m schedule for another pre-natal check-up this weekend. I’m not sure if my doctor would freak if she finds out that I still haven’t gain a pound. But at any rate, I think I’m fine and Toki is doing great as well…but then again, that’s me.


I finally bought some maternity tops last week…not really….I bought tops that will pass as maternity clothes. They’re all big and long and cheap. It’s a good thing that today’s latest fashion include big, loose blouses, otherwise I would have to pay more for maternity clothes. Why do they cost too much, anyway? Some aren’t even that stylish.  Anyway, hubby find some of the blouse I bought to be too colorful and flowery than my usual clothes. Maybe so, but I think they’re great. And my office friends agree with me.


I think my tummy suddenly double in size coz everyone seems to notice that I’m pregnant. Last week alone, I got about a dozen or so no-really-your-pregnant comments. Some sounds like “Wow! You’re having another baby. Congrat!” while others sound sarcastic like what they really wanna say was “What? Another one, how old is the first one?” I can only say thank you and thank you to both comments. LOL!

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