Pregnant Women are Good Luck Charm

frontbellyI know that pregnant women are considered lucky, but really sometimes it’s a bit too much….I feel like I’m a walking good luck charm.

Here’s how my days are lately:

At the office, I have my regular RUBBERS, friends who greet me with tummy rub to ensure that they’ll have a great day. Those who’s having a bad day are also more than happy to see me and rub my tummy to save their days.

I’m also having this weird treatments at the market, lately. Ever since vendors noticed that I’m pregnant, they keep on persuading me to buy from them. Apparently, a pregnant lady for a first costumer is good luck. Stalls who’s selling dry goods would usually wave the money I pay them around their stall to bring good luck. For the meat & fish section, they want me touch their goods…again for good luck. By the time I leave the market, I’m feeling like my luck run out, smelling like raw meat and fish.

It’s also the same with bazaars. People love me when I buy from them and would also rub the money I pay them to all their items. According to them, by doing this, the items that was rubbed with my money will get sold immediately.

I wander if I should charge them…LOL!!!

Is anyone there having the same experience? Or an entirely new one that I should watch out for? I’ll appreciate the warning. =)

Speaking of being pregnant, the coast is now clear. last Saturday’s urinalysis result shows that I’m UTI free.  Yehey! I’ve been a good girl the entire week. No coffee, no soda, just water and coconut juice. Hubby was so happy that I finally gave up my decaf and once a week 16oz soda. I, on the other hand, is not…but I love my Toki more, so I’m now ready to go all the way with the healthy eating.

On other pregnancy news, I’ve official gained a kilo since I got pregnant. I was 56 kilos before I got pregnant, then down 54 during the 1st trimester. I gain it back last month and now I’m 57.


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