Random Tuesday

I’m sitting here in my usual table at Kreme’s and I can’t believe that I actually finished work a lot earlier today. We should be heading home now, but Hubby is still in a meeting, so I still have time to do some random scribbling while I wait.

Here’s a bit of this and that about us.

random001Princess Ki seems to have adjusted well as school. She has changed a lot socially since June, and we’re really proud of her. She’s a bit obsess with studying/learning and is always busy reading her school books or the other activity books that we’ve accumulated in our shelf.

She’s also learning how to use the computer now and would always ask her dad if she can play Nick games whenever she gets a chance. At first,it would usually required me doing most of the clicking, so we end up with me playing and her watching.  But now, she already figured out how to work the mouse and keyboard, so mommy is off limits.

random002The Little Guy, on the other hand, does nothing but imitate his sister. If she’s reading, he’s reading. If she’s playing cook, he’s cooking as well. If she’s dancing, he’s dancing.

He’s also growing into a very affectionate boy. He loves to hug and kiss everyone especially when he see us sad or frowning. He seems to think that a kiss and hug would solve any thing.  Honey, I wish so, too.

As for Hubby, his into website development right now. Not really part of his job, but he seems to be spending a lot of time developing web pages. Of course, I’m more than happy about it, since I finally have someone to help me with my site. LOL!
Me? Well, still adjusting to my ever changing schedule. I didn’t really thought about it when Ki started school. I kind of think that it’ll be just sending her to school then picking her up 2 hours later. But of course, there are assignments and projects and school activities that I need to attend to. My parents, again (thank goodness!) are there to help out but there are some things that only a mom should do, right? Good thing I have luck on my side. I’m now allowed to work from home on a case to case basis, and it had been really helpful especially when I have to attend school meetings or I need to find certain something for Ki’s assignments. This is just nursery, mind you.  I wonder how busy grade school would be.

At any rate, busy or not, this smiling face keeps all the stress away.


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