Remembering That First Confession

Wedding39I always wanted to share OUR story and well, what better time to do it than NOW! So here’s the story of our hubby’s love confession….


  • Hubby and I enter the same university on the same year but never got to know each other until we were in our 4th year.
  • We were classmates in 3 or 4 math and science classes (we found out long after we got out of school) but never noticed each other.
  • We hang out in the same billiard halls and bars, but never bumped into each other…or maybe neither caught each others’ interest?
  • We shared common friends in school but never got introduced.

So how did we met?

We both took a part-time job in a tutorial center near the school. We were in our 4th year then. He needs the money to continue college, I need the job because I’m thinking of quitting school. The first time we notice each other was during a night out with our co-workers. We had dinner and then shoot some pool.

It was hate at first sight. I thought he was a snob. He doesn’t like my type…whatever that means. I think that entire night, all we did was try to out-do each other. I did pretty well showing him my game and he was pissed that everyone’s noticing that I’m good. lol!

But later on…

billiards brought as closer together…plus drinking beer. We hanged out a lot and enjoyed each others company. I can’t remember how many drink-all-you-can parties we’ve attended and how many times we got into fights in billiard halls…we’re a pair of ruffians, back then.

I really enjoyed his friendship during those days. It was the first time that I actually had a guy friend who never tried to hit on me. The only downside was he never treated me as a girl when it’s time to pay the bill. lol!

That dang tequila

tequilaBefore we started to like each other, hubby actually liked another girl. She also worked in the same center. I was helping him get a date with her, but all our scheming always fails, until one girl’s night out.

My lady co-workers decided to have a girls night out. I convinced everyone that it’ll be a great idea if we can make hubby confess to THE GIRL. Of course, we’re girls…we love to see guys confessing their true feelings.

So there he was, the only thorn among the roses. I could let he was nervous because he keep drinking shots of tequila. Before he knock himself dead drunk, I called everyone for a game of spin-the-bottle.

The first spin falls toward THE GIRL. Yes, it was arranged…lol! She choose truth, so we ask her how she feels about hubby courting her. She didn’t say that she’s OK with it, but she also didn’t say no. I think her answer was something like, she wasn’t so sure if he’s serious about courting. I thought, GOOD! My boy has a chance.

So, then the target was to make the bottle point at hubby. It took several tries but finally it landed towards him. He choose truth, as expected. The question we had for him was, is he serious about his feelings for THE GIRL.

To everyone’s surprise hubby answered, “I was…but now I’m confused.” I wanted to kill him then and there. Hello! What were you thinking. I couldn’t help myself so I asked him, “Is that the Tequila talking? How can you be confuse as a moment like this?”

Again, another shocker…”I’m confuse because of YOU!” He was looking straight at me.

I think I suddenly got sober after hearing that. I mean, I was starting to like him then, but I knew he like someone else, so I never entertained the feeling. Turns out, he was also falling for me.

The game ended there. Everyone left the two of us to talk…I felt embarrassed knowing that I’m not supposed to be the girl. But at the same time, I’m was happy. My only thoughts were, He loves me. He really loves me!

All those time he was asking me to help with him with THE GIRL, he actually just want to be with me. I, on the other hand was helping him, so I have an excuse to hang out with him…how crazy are we? Plus, we were totally clueless about each others feeling.

So on that mid-October night, we drank as friends and got sober a couple. Fast forward to present, we are still together…drinking no more…but still very much in love…and laughing about this story.

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